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MPs launch probe into 'retaliatory evictions'The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Private Rented Sector has launched an inquiry into what it says is the problem of retaliatory evictions in private rented housing.

The MPs define retaliatory evictions as those which take place when a tenant asks the landlord to carry out repairs and the landlord responds by serving notice on them to leave the home.

A recent parliamentary bill by Sarah Teather MP attempted to introduce protection for tenants against such evictions and to amend the law on notices seeking possession relating to assured short hold tenancies.

Now the MPs' group has launched an inquiry to understand the impact that the legislation would have on the private rented sector, and is asking for written submissions - but the deadline is tight.

All interested organisations are invited to submit evidence and a report will be produced with recommendations being made to Ministers before the Committee Stage of the Bill, thought to be early next year.

As well as written submissions, members will take oral evidence from experts on October 27 and November 3. Those giving evidence include Jason Freeman, director of consumer law at the Competition and Markets Authority, David Cox from ARLA, Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action and Dave Princep from the Residential Landlords Association.

Anyone wishing to comment in writing should do so by November 5, submitting no more than 1,000 words with a one page executive summary to Ed Jacobs on admin@prs-group.org.uk.


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    Leave this well alone. It'll be yet another excuse for an eviction to go wrong. Mind you only the minority of rogue tenants will use a repair as an excuse, but still - more headaches. If the landlord is a lazy &*^% and doesn't do repairs, do you WANT to be in the place anyway No, of course not, move on to a property with a nice landlord or managed by a reputable agency and you are miles better off.

    Typical of the government to fix what isn't broken to start with. They could do something about mandatory licensing for a start and having all estate agents be properly qualified. The number of "agents" mushrooming up in serviced offices stealing deposits and bunging deals together is getting out of hand.

    • 24 October 2014 08:27 AM
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    LEAVE SECTION 21 ALONE! It has been a catalyst in years past in encouraging people to invest in the BTL market and increase stock in the PRS.

    Yes there must be a MINORITY of Landlords who use S21 in a retaliatory way but they will be the minority. One suggestion to "solve this problem" I read recently was to disallow eviction if a Tenant has reported maintenance in the last six months prior to the S21 being served. Totally unworkable.

    • 24 October 2014 05:03 AM