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Government rules out new lettings measures until after electionThe government has quashed speculation that it will announce surprise legislation to regulate letting agents or other aspects of the private rented sector with a statement that such a move would introduce too much additional red tape.

Trade bodies in the private rental industry had been speculating in recent weeks that increasing levels of controversy surrounding so-called revenge evictions, landlord licensing and alleged poor conditions in some lettings properties may prompt a last-minute rush to regulation by the coalition government ahead of next spring's general election.

But a briefing note released by the House of Commons library says that The Government considers that the present legal framework strikes the right balance between landlords and tenants and that new regulations would introduce too much additional red tape'

The note - a device sometimes used by governments to draw a line beneath rumbling debates over law changes - sets out the various measures which have been taken by the coalition in recent years.

In addition to an amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act requiring all letting agents to sign up to a redress scheme, there was also a code of practice introduced on the management of property in the private rented sector published earlier this month, and a voluntary model tenancy agreement "which landlords and tenants can use for longer tenancies, which will provide extra security and stability for families" published in September.

The DCLG published a document over two years ago called Dealing with Rogue Landlords and aimed at local authorities, while in June this year there was a checklist for tenants and landlords published by the department.


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    No-one comments because we are sick to death of hearing political spin in the PRS which is simply vote-winning tactics. The PRS comprises some 9 million voters and just lately both the coalition and Labour have done nothing but stick their noses into something which they clearly know nothing about.

    My Uncle paid a builder a large deposit to have a conservatory built last year and was ripped off. Why aren't politicians looking to regulate builders My sister bought a second hand car from a garage 2 years ago and has had nothing but problems with it and the garage will do nothing. Why aren't MPs doing something to regulate that industry

    No - it is "bash the letting agent" time leading up to the next general election and, frankly, we have all had enough of their b*****it which is why we seldom make comments on the subject.

    "Because MOST of you don't care" - Qualify this statement if you can.

    I note you "hide" behind the "ARLA agent" thing. Mmmmmm......Four of the last six agents in my city who went bust owing lots of money to Landlords and Tenants in the last six years were ARLA members. Two so far have been successfully prosecuted. Shows what protection ARLA provide.

    • 05 November 2014 17:07 PM
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    I am ashamed of this industry - all the rhetoric about professionalism and standards yet NO ONE comments on this subject. Why Because most of you don't care and are only concerned about the money you make. The rest is just cheap talk. Like ARLA, RICS et al. For once, I can see that at least those behind [url="http://www.safeagents.co.uk/news/government-rejects-call-for-mandatory-financial-protection-for-all-lettings-and-management-agents"]safe agent have tried to stand up and be counted[/url].

    • 03 November 2014 19:44 PM
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