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Two thirds of tenants 'pay for repairs themselves'A study of 500 private sector tenants claims that two thirds have had to dip into their own pockets to fund repairs because they could not wait for the agent or landlord any longer.

The study - given added topicality by the interest in private sector repairs in the context of like new revenge eviction' legislation - shows that two thirds of tenants also say it takes their landlord too long to respond to emails and calls about problems.

However, the good news is that over 80 per cent say their landlord or agent is approachable and friendly, and only 12 per cent claim their landlord has made promises that he or she could not keep.

The recent case of Edwards v Kumarasamy, highlights the legal responsibility that landlords have under the statutory requirements of Landlords Repairing Obligations, part of the Landlord & Tenant Act.

Edwards was a tenant renting a flat from Kumarasamy. This case features his claim for compensation, when he tripped on an uneven paving slab on the outside path to the parking and communal bins area. The Court of Appeal held that as the landlord had a right to use the path under his lease from the freeholder, he had a sufficient estate or interest' in the area to satisfy section 11 - and so was liable for the repair.

Jane Morris of PropertyLetByUs - the organisation which commissioned the study - says every landlord has a duty of care and should respond to tenants emails and calls with 24 hours if possible.

Our research shows that the most common cause of complaints are faulty boilers; leaking roofs; faulty showers; mould and condensation; leaking bathroom and window locks; broken windows; smoke alarms; and pests and vermin. Some of these can be very dangerous for the tenants, so it imperative that landlords carry out repairs to their properties within a reasonable time she says.


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    I am a tenant, with a very approachable LL, however I rarely ask him to address repairs.
    I got the doubke glazing fixed, i replaced the oven, simply because i fear a S21
    So if i keep off his radar i hope i will be able to stay in my lovely home longer.

    • 22 February 2015 12:38 PM
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    Why is condensation seen as the landlords' problem when 99% of the time it is caused by the tenants' lifestyle

    • 19 February 2015 10:51 AM
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    I'm confused. 80% of the tenants surveyed said their landlord or agent is approachable and friendly yet 66% of the tenants still had to pay for repairs to be done themselves I've been an agent for 25 years now and if the number of tenants who have had to pay for repairs themselves reached more than 5% I would be amazed. I'd like to see the survey questions please.

    • 19 February 2015 08:41 AM