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Huge Twitter-spat between MP and top lettings agentEric Walker, the managing director of Northwood UK and founder member of SAFEagent, has been involved in a lengthy Twitter-spat with outspoken Labour MP Stella Creasy.

The heated exchange - which involved literallty scores of tweets written over more than two hours - began when Walker expressed doubt that a claim made by Creasy in a local TV programme was factually correct.

Creasy referred to a £4,000 fee levied by an agent - Walker corrected that to say the figure included a deposit, tweeting at Creasy who was using the social media site at the time.

There then followed a heated exchange of comments, with Creasy becoming increasingly agitated. Some of her comments to Walker on Twitter included Don't you dare accused me of scaring people about the problems we see here! and advised him to ...perhaps, just perhaps, do some homework... and you really don't get what's going on here, do you

Walker himself was saying that it was impossible to condone bad agents but that not all agents were bad, and that many agents were keen to get politicians of all or any parties to regulate the industry more - precisely to rid it of the bad agents.

On one occasion Walker tweets: One dodgy MP doesn't make a whole party corrupt any more than one agent makes a whole industry the same. Some of us care.

The spat finished when Creasy tweeted that she wanted to eat.

You can catch up with the lengthy sequence of exchanges - which at times also involved leading property commentator Kate Faulkner - by checking out the Twitter timelines of @stellacreasy, @JustEricWalker and @SAFEagent. It makes interesting reading.


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    Well said Eric. Someone needs to defend the indusrty - our so called professional bodies seems not to bother.

    • 30 March 2015 10:16 AM
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