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We can guarantee both yours and your staff's time will be stretched as soon as your offices open next Monday morning, dealing with in the opinion of your tenants emergency issues from the night before or over a long weekend.

We both know that emergency issues are in most cases not emergency issues but routine property maintenance that can be dealt with in a timely manner.

Below are some examples of the calls to our Emergency help line each evening, and over a weekend at Everything Lettings

Tenant: 11:30 pm, is that the emergency help line
Everything Lettings: yes Sir, can you please explain what the nature of your emergency is
Tenant: My washing machine has stopped, will not work and I have no clean clothes to wear tomorrow

Our call handler was able to advise the tenants how to open the machine, remove the cloths and provide a few solution to dry them for the following working day. Yes the machine needed to be maintained, but at manageable time for both tenant and your property manager.

Tenant: 7:30 pm, is that the emergency help line
Everything Lettings: yes madam, can you please explain what the nature of your emergency is
Tenant: I have no electrics in the kitchen

A quick first aid check over the phone established the tenant was using a portable grill, one she had used the evening before but had washed out and water had entered the electrics. We were able to establish this with them, isolate the usage of the grill and re-establish the electrics for the rest of the property.

Now for most of us, the above are not real emergency situations. Not situations that place the property or tenant in danger or a risk to health. But for the tenants at that particular time, they are

We believe that having someone on hand to advise the tenants in this situation, not only reflects well on your brand, but takes way the need for your property managers to be dealing with this type of issue first thing in the morning.

The only thing on the desk in the morning, is an update from Everything Lettings informing the above and leaving your staff to manage the situation in a reasonable time. That's if, anything is left to manage as in most situations it has already been dealt with by Everything Lettings.

Some issues do need attending to, as some are genuine emergency situation but from years of experience and from a pre agreed set up you know what to expect if we do have to attend beforehand.

Our definition of an Emergency is:
A sudden unexpected event occurring during the hours of cover involving one of your properties which, in our opinion, exposes the tenant or occupier to a risk to their health, or necessitates immediate remedial action to render the property safe or secure, and avoid damage or further damage, or restoration of the main services.

In this event Everything Lettings will arrange for one of its nationwide list of approved contractors to attend and take action to stabilise the situation and resolve the emergency. Or, if we have your own approved contractor to call, we will instruct them for you.

Our definition of Emergency repairs
Work undertaken by a contractor to resolve the emergency by completing a temporary repair which will resolve the emergency but may need to be supplemented by a permanent repair. A permanent repair will be carried out only if it can be undertaken and would cost no more than the pre agreed limit set by our clients first. This condition does not apply to situations where we can obtain authority by a nominated person outside of hours to carry out a full repair if the cost is above the pre agreed limit.

Roy Fuller, owner at Everything Lettings', says when new clients use our service we have no way of telling how many calls we may take and at what times, but for them we quickly establish that when we do take calls it is beneficial for them, it does allow for good management of staffs time and in turn reflects extremely well on the clients brand.

Please believe us when we say, working with Everything Lettings is not an expensive option and it does not mean you have to fully outsource this part of your business. It means adding something extra to your services and being able to manage time effectively, as well as benefiting from the success this has brought for our current clients

Everything Lettings - Tel 0844 272 2442 Roy Fuller Mobile -07970 840561
E: roy@everything-lettings.co.uk
W: www.everything-lettings.co.uk


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