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£21,500 bill for man who turned house into nine illegal flats

A rogue landlord who illegally converted one house into a nine flats has been handed a maximum £20,000 fine after being prosecuted by a London council. 

Andreas Stavrou Antoniades, 74, ignored repeated demands from Haringey council enforcement officers to stop using the property as separate flats, raking in an estimated £9,000 a month from letting the illegal homes.

A repeat offender, Antoniades had already been found guilty of a similar offence three years ago when he received a £13,500 fine.

Now he has to pay a fine of £20,000 – the maximum magistrates could impose – as well as paying another £1,500 in costs and charges after pleading guilty to non-compliance with an enforcement notice.

“This case showed a flagrant disregard for basic planning rules – causing misery for neighbours and putting the heritage of the area at risk.This whopping fine should send a clear message to those who think they can do what they like to buildings for financial gain that we will always prosecute when we find evidence of wrongdoing” says a council spokesman. 

Antoniades will now be forced to foot the bill for converting the building into three larger flats that meet council guidelines.


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