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'Reinventing Renting' launched to help struggling buy to let landlords

The National Landlords Association has launched a new campaign - Reinventing Renting - to encourage landlords to make their lettings businesses more profitable.

The online campaign will use the NLA website to provide resources, guides and presentations on a range of topical issues including choosing the right investment, improving financial planning, expanding portfolios to maximise gains, and reducing exposure to risks such as impending interest rate rises, rent arrears and rogue tenants.

The campaign focuses on supporting landlords who are struggling to turn a profit by exploring different business approaches and tenant markets, while providing assistance for landlords looking to make their business more profitable.

“The campaign has something for both new and experienced landlords and will be particularly useful for those who are struggling to make things work or worried about how the changes to mortgage interest taxation will affect them in the future” says association chairman Carolyn Uphill.

You can see the campaign here


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