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Industry body to lobby Osborne on tax breaks

The National Landlords Association says it is to lobby Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on private rental sector tax issues ahead of the new government’s budget on July 8. 

A statement from the association says: “The NLA will be taking the opportunity to drive home the message that landlords’ status as legitimate businesses is not comprehensively reflected in the tax system. Specifically, we wish to see the Chancellor tackle the tax treatment of landlords’ assets at disposal - ie, the lack of distinction between short term speculation and the appreciation which may take place during long-term ownership of property.” 

Osborne himself has described the July budget as likely to contain "a laser-like focus" on raising productivity and living standards, and would outline ways in which the new government would "deliver on the commitments we have made to working people".

Writing in The Sun, Osborne says: "We will protect the NHS and give it more funding each and every year, while making savings across Whitehall. We'll crack down hard on tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning by the rich - because everyone should pay their fair share.

"Second, we've got to go on helping businesses create jobs in Britain, so we move towards full employment. That means facing a hard truth: in Britain we produce about a quarter less for every hour we work than countries like America or Germany. Fixing that long-running productivity weakness is the big challenge for the next five years. So in the Budget we'll spend less on welfare, and instead invest to create three million more apprenticeships, so that young people can learn a trade, get better jobs and earn more."

  • Rookie Landlord

    Good on the NLA - many landlords I know treat it like a job and a business, but this is not appropriately reflected in the tax breaks we get.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Greater tax breaks for landlords? Are you kidding? And you wonder why people think landlords are greedy so and so's. You really don't help yourself with comments like this.

  • Daniel Roder

    I'm very sceptical about their chances of being successful, but good on them for pressuring the government. Those of us with an involvement in property need to push housing and other issues to the top of the government's agenda - as things currently stand, it's very much an after-thought, something they might take seriously in a slow month. This needs to be challenged.


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