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Father and son rogue landlords fined over HMO

Father and son rogue landlords have been fined for failing to register their property as a house in multiple occupancy.

Sabbir and Asif Veshima were prosecuted after officers from Gloucester council carried out an inspection on a property in the city. 

The search found there to be 11 people living in the house, with at least seven of them paying rent to live there. Sabbir Veshima had previously been warned by council officers that he would require a licence if he rented the rooms to five or more people.

Due to the overcrowding in the property, the residents were being forced to use landings as makeshift kitchens and storage space. The blocked stairwells meant that there was no means of escape should a fire break out. 

Council officers placed the property off limits to tenants until it was made safe by the landlord.

"Although bad landlords are a minority in the city, their actions put their tenants at risk and tarnish the reputation of the landlords who do abide by the law and provide good quality rented accommodation" says a council officer.


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