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Free webinars to help agents tackle Legionella risk

Free seminars are being arranged to help letting agents get to grips with the legalities and praticalities of assessing legionella risk in residential rental properties.

Inventory service No Letting Go is staging the webinars following a rise in concern about the condition, and how it impacts the private rental sector.

Public Health England recently reported on the death of three men from the disease, caught from a hot tub on display at a garden centre in 2012, which had not been filtered or cleaned for weeks. Stagnant water led to the growth of the bacteria and when switched on for display, the Legionnaires’ particles became airborne and spread. Some 21 other people were also found to have caught the bug from the same outbreak.

The disease is a potentially fatal lung infection caused by the bacteria which sometimes find its way into artificial water supplies. Any water supply not properly maintained, filtered or cleaned can prove fatal – even without direct contact.

No Letting Go says around 550 cases of Legionella are reported each year although the number that go undetected could total as many as 180,000. 

For more information and to register for the webinar programme please contact Gary Claven on 07475 526111 or visit No Letting Go's website.


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