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Renters consistently ignore tenancy rules - claim

A signed tenancy agreement is not worth the paper it is written as tenants are blatantly ignoring its terms and conditions and fail to seek permission for changes to the property and lease.

That is the conclusion from a survey of 500 landlords conducted this month by online letting agent PropertyLetByUs.

It says more than one in 10 tenants admits sub-letting to a friend, over 70 per cent admit keeping a pet against landlord wishes, and 79 per cent say they have decorated without landlord consent. 


The research shows that despite landlords making it clear that no alterations must be done to the property without their permission, nearly half of tenants have put up shelves and other wall fixings - over 95 per cent have put nails and screws in the walls.  

Some 11 per cent of tenants have made alterations to the garden and 60 per cent have had internet or Sky cables installed in the property.

“It is vital that landlords make mid-term inspections so that they can monitor and assess the condition of the property. Any issues and problems can be discussed with tenants and resulting increases in rent or deposit can be agreed to cover additional wear and tear, or any damage to the property” says Jane Morris, managing director of PropertyLetByUs.

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    Not exactly a shocker, this. No one wants to feel like they live in someone else's house. Think about it from the tenant's perspective. Imagine how degrading it must feel to have to ask for permission to hammer a nail into a wall, especially if you've lived in the property long enough to think of it as your home. It would undermine your sense of independence and freedom, basically like being a child again. I'm not saying I endorse tenants breaking the rules, but I can certainly understand why they do.

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    I think like James because we all need freedom and independence but we also have to be tolerance.

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    • 18 September 2015 14:59 PM

    Can't say I'm shocked by these figures, but for there to be reports of 1 in 10 sub-letting to a friend, well that is simply unacceptable. I'm all for giving tenants a bit of independence but a line shouldn't be crossed.

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    Sky aerials are a big problem. Each tenant has a new aerial. Sometime the old is removed, sometimes not. Whatever the outside wall gets to look as though some sort of, "brick pecker" has gone rampant. I have gone into my flats and found holes through the wall straight to the outside after a tenant has left and taken their aerial with them.


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