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Group's amazing claim: one-in-four private tenants evicted for no reason

The vocal campaign group Generation Rent is making the jaw-dropping claim that one in four private tenants has been evicted “for no reason.”

The claim - publicised in The Independent newspaper - says the figure comes from research by polling company BMG Research. 

The article also claims that private tenants lack legal protection from so-called “no fault” eviction where an agent or landlord starts eviction proceedings with having to give a reason.


The survey found that 27 per cent of current and past private tenants had been evicted. The newspaper says this was because the owner wanted to sell, refurbish, or change the use of a property “or because of a rent increase.”

Betsy Dillner, director of Generation Rent, is cited in the article as saying living in the private rental sector is a gamble.

“Every time a renter moves home they spin the roulette wheel. They might well get a good landlord who values long term tenants, but this poll suggests that one in four of us will end up with a bad one sooner or later. 

“With increasing numbers of us facing a lifetime of renting, we need to be able to call the place we live a home, and we can’t until the government ends unfair evictions.”

  • Mark Wilson

    What is Generation Rent's definition of eviction? A Landlord seeking vacant possession?

  • Mark Wilson

    What is Generation Rent's definition of eviction? A Landlord seeking vacant possession?

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    Issue a Sec 21 Notice with no explanation and the interpretation the tenant makes is "I am being evicted". If a phone call is made explaining that a notice is coming and if they want to stay on they can (assuming rent has been paid etc.) then more than likely they will and not think the worst. Learnt that one long ago but how many others do this? Answers here please.

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    This is, as I read it, is a spurious assumption. If everyone who lets gets asked to move on just once in their life then we can say that every tenant can expect to be subject to a no fault eviction. This is hardly more than a once in a life time annoyance. The article says 1:4 or 27% so this is much less. It means 75% of tenants never have a no fault eviction.

    As a landlord I hugely value long lets but I will quickly react to someone who is damaging a property and or causing problems for neighbours. Does this make me a bad landlord? Some tenants deserve what they get. Others are unfortunately caught up in a landlords other needs for a property. They may even die! There are some tenants who do not know how to live in a house. Should these people have a right to a nice house at somebody else's expense? If a landlord has to refurbish a property they will not want the same tenant to trash it a second time.


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