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Campaign urges tenants to show "resistance" to rent rises

The campaign group Generation Rent says most buy to let properties are not mortgaged and many landlords are unaffected by current and imminent tax changes - and it threatens that rent rises “will be met with resistance.”


The comment comes following a survey claiming that 42 per cent of renters cannot afford an increase of up to five per cent in their monthly rent, with 16 per cent suggesting even a one per cent rise would be beyond their means.



The same research suggests that home owners with mortgages were less precarious - but even there three per cent claim they could not make ends meet if there was a one per cent rise in their mortgage outgoings. 

Dan Wilson Craw of campaign group Generation Rent says rent rises “will be met with resistance.” He claims only a third of privately rented properties are mortgaged so tenants should be prepared to negotiate hard on any attempts to raise rent, and remember that there are many landlords out there who won’t be affected by the tax changes.”

The findings of the research, by YouGov for TheHouseShop website questioned 2,085 adults, of which 1,231 were mortgage holders or renters, have only just been released but the fieldwork was conducted back in June.

  • Mark Hempshell

    There is a certain amount of truth in this I suppose. Landlords who aren't faced with rising costs will be happy to keep the status quo and won't want to raise their rents. But are there really any landlords who aren't faced with rising costs?

  • David OConnor

    The fact a property is 'mortgaged or not' is public records. It is good practice for a tenant to obtain a copy of the registered title from land registry for £6 is. This will also confirm you are dealing with the owner if you are not going through a good letting agent.
    Most good agents and Landlord do consider the merits of reliable stable tenants when considering rent increase as the rent level is not the only consideration when running a successful tenancy.

  • icon

    As a letting agent our average rent is just under £500 a month. So Generation Rent are saying that tenants couldn't afford a 1% rise of £5 a month? Wow!

  • icon

    Our average rent is 480 pcm, don't think i need to do that maths on that.....

  • icon

    If a tenant is unable to afford a 1% increase then they have not been financially checked out so someone is NOT doing the math.

    Yet another sensationalist article.

  • icon

    Generation Rent can take a running jump as far as I am concerned.

  • icon

    Is this still a free market in our country? Are we talking about we only have one type of property in the market to rent? but with different rental price?
    Every tenant can choose freely to pay or not to pay or to stay or to leave. Is there choice. It is democratic as much as you wish. After all, is the tenant owns the flat or the landlords?
    I have big question on this survey, which can be nicely guided to survey all the landlords with no mortgage??? What about Data Protection that all of us are talking about in the past in this country? If you can pay £6 to know about landlords' mortgage, what about Data Protection Act???
    This article basically tells us that we can buy a easyJet ticket to get a business card in BA. What a joke.


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