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Anti-agent activists claim victory in persuading council to extend licensing

A campaign group which last year held protests outside letting agents’ offices in Bristol is claiming victory in persuading the city’s council to extend its private rental licensing scheme.

A report on the website of the Bristol ACORN group refers to “the cowboy culture of impunity in the private rental sector” and to “the proliferation of rogue landlords.”

The group is now claiming it helped push the council to extend a selective licensing scheme to two further areas of Bristol, Eastville and St George.

“Four years ago, when Bristol consulted on selective licensing for the Easton neighbourhood, it was nearly beaten by landlords who, mobilised in numbers by their organisations like the National Landlord Association, drowned out the few tenants who spoke” says a statement from ACORN.

“Now things are different. Over the last two years, we have brought more than 13,000+ renters into our network of communication and organisation. Now, we can easily speak and act together. It is this that has made it possible for more than 1000+ tenant voices to this time drown out the anti-licensing lobby” it claims.

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    Anti agent activists? The sad gits should get a life


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