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Letting agents' fees are major problem for 30% of tenants, claims group

A survey from tenant servicing company Tenants Plus claims that letting agents’ fees are a major problem for approaching a third of renters.

In a survey of 597 tenants for the organisation - conducted by Angels Media, publishers of Letting Agent Today - a series of problems and challenges emerged.

Some 39 per cent of tenants miss out on up to five properties before securing a rental home according to new figures, while 32 per cent of tenants admit to prioriting cost over location when searching for a new home.


Problems landlords - including those failing to repair faults - was a bugbear for 52 per cent of tenants while agents’ fees came in as a problem for 30 per cent.

Perhaps surprisingly, only 13 per cent found rent increases a major headache. 

“Despite it often being presented as such, it is not the agents and landlords that are the main offenders here, whose hands are being forced by regulation, but the successive governments that do not deliver on new housing promises” says Wayne Treveil, chief executive at Tenants Plus.

“There is an obvious need for the government to prioritise longer, more stable tenancies and to commit to building the genuinely, affordable homes that young people are desperate for, particularly in London” he claims.

  • David OConnor

    No one wanted to pay fees. I don't like the arrangement fees on mortgages, I think those are unfair excessive compared to any actual work that needs to be done!
    We live in a free market, and someone has to pay for work that needs to be done.
    Referencing, Raising Contracts, Check in's, filing deposits, arranging maintenance visits, collecting rent all cost. in the Public Sectors in is paid by our taxes, in the private sector Landlords & tenants agree fees in advance. Tenant fees are just a political gimmick.
    As in all issues with housing, we need more homes to simulate competition!

  • icon

    So why is the 30% the headline when the 52% of problem landlords is skated over with little comment.

    Tenant Plus should look at the research and fire the gun in the right quarter. It's not agents it's landlords that need to be listed as rogues and shot down.


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