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Million pound farmhouse and land to let - for just £1 a year...

At first sight this looks distinctly like undercutting the local market - a farmhouse, glorious countryside and coastal views, some 900 acres of land and 500 sheep, all yours, for just one pound a year.

The National Trust is making the offer the property and land at Great Orme in Llandudno, north Wales, to help a potential young farmer start their career while at the same time looking after the habitat, land and wildlife.

The would-be tenant would have to be willing to use some traditional farming methods appropriate to the location, the Trust says.


“Unless we implement a very specific grazing regime we will not see these most fragile habitats recover” says General Manager William Greenwood “Put simply, to ensure a healthy and beautiful landscape we need the most agriculturally productive pastureland to be grazed less, and the least agriculturally productive grassland to be grazed more.”

This unconventional farming method of regularly moving sheep means long hours of shepherding on often difficult terrain, while also working around the 600,000 visitors to the Great Orme each year.

In other words - it may not cost much but you pay at least the same as a market rent through hours and graft. If rent controls come in, perhaps this is the way forward?


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