Another council wants to set up its own lettings agency

Another local authority is aiming to set up its own ‘social’ lettings agency.

The proposal is one of five put forward by Hammersmith & Fulham council in London, and out for a 12-week public consultation. 

The five proposals are:

A private landlords’ rental charter: “landlords can commit to our standards on housing conditions, charges protecting tenants deposits and security of tenancy, giving potential renters confidence;”

New minimum standards for homes in multiple occupation: “to ensure homes are safe and not overcrowded;”

A new social lettings agency: “to help residents on modest incomes find homes and help landlords find suitable tenants;”

Additional licensing: “any house in multiple occupation would need to apply for a licence so we can ensure it is properly managed and not overcrowded;”

Selective licensing: “properties in parts of the borough with high levels of anti-social behaviour will have to apply for a licence so we know they meet property and tenancy standards.”

More than a third of homes in Hammersmith & Fulham are now rented from private landlords by over 27,500 tenants.

Letting Agent Today has carried several stories about a Haringey council-run letting agency and the low number of properties it appears to have ever carried, despite huge set-up costs. 

As of yesterday evening, it appeared to be carrying only three properties currently.


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