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Room-sharing website jumps on 'scrap agency fees'  bandwagon

EasyRoommate, a room-sharing website, says it is backing the Renters’ Rights Bill currently going through parliament and aiming to restrict letting agents’ fees.


The bill - which is thought unlikely to be successful - includes provisions scrapping agents’ fees for tenants, mandatory registration of landlords and limiting the size of deposits.



“Letting agency fees in England are totally unregulated. Every time you are using an estate agency to find your next accommodation, you might incur extra fees. And you have no way to predict them until before you are about to sign! The only legislation to protect renters is that agencies are made to publish those fees details on their website. A bit light, don’t you think?“ says a spokesman for the website.

“Estate agents are already the ones responsible for bringing flatsharing prices up. If renters want to be able to access the property ladder they need to be able to make some savings. The system as it is, takes advantage of the lack of supply and vulnerability of renters to tear away any savings they could make with arbitrary administrative costs” the spokesman adds.

“In order to regulate the market, and out of fairness for British renters it is only natural that the Housing Minister would legislate on rent fees.”

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    what about rogue tenants???? all I hear about is landlords and agents.. what about tenants?? the rogue tenants that is.. I am all for bad landlords and agents being put on a list so that tenants know who they are renting through but what about landlords, they need to know who the bad tenants are and sometimes credit checks aren't quick enough and agents lie about references because they want them off their books... something needs to change re the tenants not paying rent and then being able to stay in the property for around 6 months, what's that about??? is that fair to the landlord (a good landlord who looks after the house and the tenant)????????? agents fees - yes they need to be lowered to a reasonable amount but not removed. Should a survey fee be removed from a purchaser or a fee to your mortgage advisor or bank??? lets take a step back and really look at the situation here.. these fees will get passed on and rents will increase which would in the long term not make matters any better for tenants.

  • jeremy clarke


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    Jeremy C - get a life as M V is right nobody is doing a thing about a bad tenant list. I have asked before on these type of comments who will start the list off?

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    Jeremy - I found what you wrote on the 2nd September a very interesting read........ was it justified for the tenants to stop paying rent due to not having a prescribed information signed???? I think not my friend... nice to hear from you any way. have a good day


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