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Buy To Let tax opponents pledge "shock and awe" on Shelter

Opponents of the proposed change to mortgage interest tax relief for landlords have promised what they call a “shock and awe” campaign to try to persuade Shelter to reverse its stance on the measure.


The opponents - in the Axe The Tenant Tax campaign - say on their Facebook page that following a recent meeting with Chancellor Phillip Hammond it is clear that he listens to Shelter. Therefore persuading the charity to reverse its current support for the mortgage interest change may ultimately convince the government to do the same, the opponents say.



The issue revolves around section 24 of the Finance Act 2015, which campaigners have nick-named the Tenant Tax. Opponents claim that it is wrong because most small businesses are taxed and allowed to deduct their costs before calculating their taxable profits - something denied to landlords under this proposal.


“We want to get them [Shelter] to change their position and support our campaign to Axe the Tenant Tax. This would greatly help our lobbying efforts. While we can't reveal the shock and awe campaign that we have planned in relation to Shelter, we do need you to help us with an interim measure...” the campaigners write on their Facebook page.



The campaigners then link to a Shelter blog, written last September, saying that while the charity believes some criticism of section 24 to be overblown, it feels that it is nonetheless the case that some landlords will probably be obliged to sell or raise rents as a result of the measure. 

“Please can you click the link ... read the article and then post your comments. Share your personal circumstances in relation to the negative impact on tenants. Be specific with your own situations and berate Shelter for not acting in the best interests of tenants” urge the campaigners.

They say further details will follow “but please hammer the Shelter comments section on this link as it will greatly support our broader campaign activities.”

You can see the Shelter blog and the comments here.

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    Shelter doesn't care about Landlords, Tenants or housing.

    Shelter cares about Shelter! Their destructive influence can be seen in the mess that is Social housing.

    When rents go up and people can't afford their homes, Shelter will call for Rent Controls to stop the greedy landlords profiteering.

    Jon  Tarrey

    Landlords care about landlords!

    Shelter are effective lobbyists. They might be a bit hypocritical, holier-than-thou and ubiquitous, but they know how to run an effective campaign and I think, when all's said and done, that they have the best interests of people at heart. They overstretch themselves too far, and want to get their opinion across on every topic going, but to say that Shelter are a destructive influence on social housing is utter nonsense and lets the government - and their appalling social housing policy - get away scot-free.


    I think you underestimate how far from the truth Shelter will stray to demonise landlords.


    I think misleading the public and politicians with stories such as the one above that you know fine well is absolute nonsense is destructive and not worthy of a charitable body.

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    Bet they will not comment on the announcement that council's have paid out £35m in compensation to council tenants housed in unsatisfactory conditions in council property.

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    Shelter should keep to what it is suppose to be doing as a Charity.......... the fact that it is not, means it has another agenda....... possibly backed by big government or big business.......

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    Shelter say they hate homelessness but support S24 which clearly causes homelessness. How can they not see that??


    They hate landlords more than they hate homelessness.

  • Jon  Tarrey

    Give it up already! It ain't happening. Bullying Shelter into submission isn't going to work, either.

    A shock and awe campaign? Really? Pretty pathetic stuff in my view.

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    I heard the head of shelter gets over £130k a year - the same as the PM which is shocking to me as a past donator. I thought it was a charity not a PR tool with layers of managers and directors. Consider donating to Crisis instead - I think their directors are on ~£70k which is still a lot but less than Shelter?

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    The salary is true.

    I would add that his background is that he was a former Labour Party civil servant and had no previous charity experience prior to taking up the post.

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    Shelter are indeed a bunch of left wing extremists, but what I fail to understand is how the government can be so "sheltered" from reality. What on earth do they truly think will be the outcome. What ever we think of politicians, and for many it isn't a lot, they are highly educated individuals and are very capable of understanding the implications of their incredibly poorly worked out decisions. You have to wonder what they might have on him for him to listed to their screams. It is rare for a right wing government to be influenced so strongly by such extremism.


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