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Longer tenancies will NOT apply to Buy To Let properties

The government has stepped in to clear up misunderstandings emerging from the Housing White Paper following its high profile call for longer tenancies in the private rental sector. 


Housing minister Gavin Barwell has now told industry publication Inside Housing that government calls for longer tenancies - made in the White Paper and on TV and press appearances by ministers prior to the release of the document - that the longer tenancies will result from agreements with housing associations, local authorities and institutional investors developing homes in the Build To Rent sector, and would not apply to buy to let investors. 



“My hope is that when you get those players coming in, that will disrupt the market and will encourage other landlords to do so as well” Barwell has told Inside Housing.

“I think if you tried to force people to do it at the opposite end of the market [buy to let] I think history is very clear about what happened when you have rent controls – I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

A broad commitment to longer tenancies was included in one of 29 measures outlined in the White Paper on Tuesday.

  • Simon Shinerock

    The Private Landlord is now the Milsch Cow of government

  • Mark Hempshell

    Just when you think it can't get more ridiculous, it does.

  • icon

    Most of our tenants stay with us for many years , some over 10 years. The ones that leave us move on due to changes in their personal circumstances not because they cannot afford the below market rents we charge. This government think all landlords are bad and don't look after their tenants. They are wrong along with their out of touch useless housing policy which is designed to benifit their big investment corperate backers and shareholders.

  • icon

    Seems like there is are hitching rails missing both outside No. 10 and the Houses of Parliament where all the cowboys in charge can tie up their horses! What a bunch but then we knew that.

  • James Robinson

    The man is of course a cretin however where are the NAEA and why are they not lobbying harder on our behalf?

  • icon

    Good, perhaps all the other daft changes will now also not apply to small BTL investors?

  • icon

    Looking back, it didn't take long for this 'reversal' by Barwell to, itself, be reversed.

  • icon

    I genuinely don’t understand.

    Here were the govt insisting that 3 yr tenancies were definitely on the way in, 100%, yes sirree, no doubt, it’s happening, ‘secure tenancies for all’, etc etc... then a few days later it’s all forgotten about and ‘as you were’??

    What the hell happened? Shelter and GR won’t be pleased! Presumably the lenders gave the govt a talking to??

  • icon

    Oh hang on... my bad. This is a year and a half old right?


    But still…didn’t take very long to go back on what they said only a handful of months ago…!


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