Agents asked to comment on London borough's licensing scheme

Another London borough is consulting on a further extension of its existing selective licensing - this time it’s Harrow council.

It wants to introduce selective licensing schemes within two wards which it claims are hotspots for anti-social activity and poor quality rental properties – Roxbourne and Roxeth.

“The scheme will allow us to take tougher action and ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents. We’ll be working closely with the police, landlords, and tenants to make the area a better place to live and work” says the council.

Under the scheme all private rented properties would be required to apply for a licence, allowing the council “to ensure that fire safety standards, basic amenities and general management of rented properties are being met.”

The licence costs £550 for five years.

“By introducing selective licensing we can support landlords, take action against the bad ones and protect tenants from potential risk or harm. Our proposal will ensure we work together to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve the quality of life for tenants” claims a council spokesman.

The authority says residents, tenants, landlords, resident associations, managing agents, estate agents and other London boroughs can have their say on the scheme.


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