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Council to send "hundreds" of buy to let fixed-penalty notices today

A council says it has been preparing prosecution and penalty notices “for hundreds of private landlords that have failed to apply for licences to let their properties."

The statement comes from Sheffield council which in June designated 668 properties in one area as requiring licences from November 1 - that’s today.

The council says some landlords have applied but adds “as expected, many have resisted which means they are now in breach of the law, and risk criminal prosecution and financial penalties.”


The authority's Private Housing Standards team had been working in the area for around four years as a result of complaints; it says that over that time, council officers encouraged landlords to abide by their legal requirements and accept advice about how to repair and manage their properties.

“But the majority resisted the intervention which led to the recommendations to introduce the licensing scheme” the authority claims.

Councillor Jim Steinke, cabinet member for housing on Sheffield council, says: “Don’t underestimate our commitment and our powers.  We mean what we say. We have thousands of safe and well managed private rented properties across the city.  But we cannot ignore the despicable conditions we saw.”

Sheffield has around 40,000 private rented properties; the council says the majority are safe and well managed but it claims it receives around 2,000 queries from private tenants every year.

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    Councils need to get their own properties up to the same standards as they demand of other even when some of the others operate their business of renting out their own properties in first rate conditions, first before the worms turn on them and countersue.

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    Extortion plane and simple


    I think you mean PLAIN and simple.

    Get a dictionary dim-wit.

    Andrew Hill

    Paul, you missed the comma after "dictionary", you meant "Get a dictionary, dim-wit."

    Your grammar is atrocious and has no place in adult society. Go back to primary school.

    I can't believe we're pulling hairs because someone used the wrong version of a spelling. Get a grip, mate.


    No need for rudeness Paul

  • Stephen Chipp

    Stealth tax and nothing more. If Councils and the Government put as much effort into prosecuting the bad apples and less into new schemes to hound landlords out of the sector we would not have the issues. In my experience I could tell you on one hand the bad landlords I would refuse to do business with but literally hundreds of tenants I would never rent to again. Its the numbers game - there are more tenants than landlords and its a vote catcher.


    Very well put, nailed it!

    James Robinson

    You're absolutely right landlords, like motorists, are sitting targets while tenants can getaway with murder by playing catch me if you can.

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    Is it just ideology that stops the Labour councils from recognising that as they restrict the BTL market and discourage landlords from investing in properties. Then less flats will be built and less will be available for rent? For me this ultimately means rent goes up and standards go down.

    The best time for private tenants I have seen was before the crash in 2007 when oversupply meant great deals and landlords prepared to take a punt on those not 100% financially secure.

    Now in my area we have 5 applicants for each property and asking prices going up each time somewhere is reavailable. Somewhere along the line the PRS and social housing have become blurred. Councils need to take on their responsibilities towards those in need and leave us alone to run our businesses.

  • S l
    • S l
    • 01 November 2018 17:37 PM

    funny you say that. that is exactly what my tenant said. you cant find me as he is an oversea student from bath uni. left me with damages and not sufficient deposit to cover losses to make good damages. yet politicians want to curb deposit. they have no clue whatsoever the cost to make good damages caused by these tenants whilst they sit in their comfy throne making decisions

  • James B


  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    So because 2 % complain ( let alone how many of those are subsequently justified ! EVERYBODY ( apart the Social and Council properties ) Must have a licence !!!
    Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    Its about time L.A's used their Civil penalties powers instead of hugely bureaucratic licensing schemes.


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