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Government announces private rental sector health and safety review

The government is to undertake a wide-ranging review of health and safety regulations for the private rental sector.

In an announcement this afternoon the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said that under current rules, local councils are required to ensure private rental properties in their area meet safety standards using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and are able to force landlords to take action where tenants are languishing in unsafe accommodation.

It continues: “Yet the system hasn’t been updated in over 12 years, and a new review of the system will consider whether it should be updated and if so, to what extent. The review will also look at whether to introduce minimum standards for common health and safety problems in rental accommodation in order to keep renters safe.”


The government says it wants to crack down “on the small minority of landlords that are renting out unsafe and substandard accommodation; and ensuring the housing market works for everyone.”


The review will also look into carbon monoxide alarm provisions. 

Current rules state that alarms must be fitted in privately rented homes with solid fuel appliances and when solid fuel stoves and boilers are installed.

“The review will judge whether legislation goes far enough in keeping people safe from the risks of carbon monoxide in their homes, and whether there should be a blanket requirement to install alarms for other methods of heating, including gas and oil, and to social housing.”

Housing minister Heather Wheeler MP says: “Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own home. These reviews will allow us to revisit the current systems for health and safety ratings and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure that both are fit for purpose and meeting the needs of tenants. By looking again at these rules, we can make sure that they are working as they should to keep people safe and give them peace of mind in their homes."

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    And how long will it take to get any recommendations in place? Do NOT hold your breath folks as all those trying to get this in place will want not to be in office at that time as they all hope that they will be out of office when their poorly thought out ideas somehow get implemented.

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    If they are gong this why not make it law? Are rental tenants lives more important than home owners? Not thought out at all. Plus...do the councils need to do it to their own stock. Doubt it, current private landlord regs don’t apply to council houses. WHY...because they say they don’t have the money, but they expect landlord to find it!

    S l
    • S l
    • 26 October 2018 21:02 PM

    no money is no excuse considering that the council are raking it in with pcn for vehicles, parking permit, 150% council tax on empty properties, licencing on hmo, need i go on? where did all the money go? if private rental sector are expected to have high standards whether they are after small amount of rogue landlord or not, shouldnt they look into their own backyard first? considering that a lot of social tenants are complaining of the poor standard of habitation and saftety issues in council properties

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Isn't this duplication of the Fitness for Human habitation Bill, ?
    WE all know L.A.'s didn't enforce the current HHSRS, ( nor even use Civil Penalties, for which they get to keep the proceeds )
    Or, if truth be told, more ' Vote posturing by the Tories '


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