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'Scrap S21 eviction powers' petition gets 20,000 signatures

Campaigning group Generation Rent has secured over 20,000 signatures for a petition it says will “end unfair evictions”.

The petition, on the 38Degrees campaign website, makes a number of highly contentious claims. It reads: 

“Right now families in rented homes can be kicked out with just two months notice - without any valid reason. Some end up sharing a single room in temporary accommodation while others have to move miles away from their children's schools. It’s unfair and its perfectly legal.


“England is one of the only countries in Europe that allows people to be evicted without private landlords having to give a reason. The threat of being kicked out without doing anything wrong causes insecurity and stress for millions of familes, and makes people suffering shoddy housing scared to complain.

“The Scottish government has already acted to protect private tenants by restricting no-fault evictions there. Right now, the government is looking at how they can make renting more secure in England. They could change the law, so people who rent can only be evicted if there's a valid reason. It'd mean millions of families will have the security of knowing they won’t be forced to move at a moments notice.

“We call on the UK government to give renters in England stability and certainty in their homes by abolishing Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.”

Last week we reported that Generation Rent had been joined by two other campaigning organisations - Shelter and Acorn - to call for the abolition of the eviction powers given to landlords or their agents in S21.

Acorn, which consists of renters’ union movements, has in the past held demonstrations outside letting agents’ offices.

  • James B

    If I were a tenant I’d sign it .. why not

    Maybe these organisations should look a few steps ahead at increasing homelessness and rents as landlords pull out the sector

    A landlord would never put a good tenant out on a S21 for no valid reason
    This will achieve nothing apart from backfire on tenants.

  • icon

    It really bugs me that they use aggressive language such as "kicked out" or "unfair evictions". It makes it sound like the Landlord/Agent can send "the boys" round to duff up the tenant and throw them out on the street.

    In my experience S21 are not for no or an unfair reason. If we have a good tenant who pays on time and looks after the property why on earth would we give notice?

  • icon

    Generation Rents have not got a clue about what they are talking about!!!!.
    We dont "kick" anyone out, even the non payer or the drug user or the anti social persons the list is not endless. We ask them to leave by serving a Sec 21 or Sec 8 as thats the only legal way to do it and although it can still take months for this process to work as these tenants know more about the sysyem than Generation Rents do! Fact or these idiots would not state such rubbish.
    Let's all sell up and let the council provide homes.


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