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Agency confident home is gas safe despite tenant's claim of 'highly toxic' gas

A letting agency has denied that 'highly toxic' gas is leaking into one of its tenant's homes in Worcester.

Leaders has said that it is confident that all safety procedures have been followed and that the home is both safe and compliant to gas safety standards.

The tenant, Julie Parker, 58, has told a local newspaper that she believes an overflow pipe is leaking toxic hydrogen sulphide into the home she shares with her 30-year-old daughter.


A number of contractors have been called out by the agency with the conclusion that there is no 'significant cause for concern'.

A spokesperson for the agency told the Halesowen News that 'thoroughly vetted and highly experienced contractors' have examined the property. They said Environmental Health and Property Standards have also completed independent reviews which support the conclusions of the contractors.

The spokesperson said: "We want all of our tenants to feel confident and comfortable in their homes, so we are working with Ms Parker and her landlord to establish a solution to this problem that Ms Parker is completely satisfied and comfortable with."

"We are, however, confident that all safety procedures have been followed and that Ms Parker’s home is both safe and compliant to gas safety standards."


The tenant has started her own investigation after she felt the situation was being 'ignored' by Leaders.

She believes there has been a release of 'highly toxic sewer gas' which includes hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

The tenant says whatever she eats or drinks 'tastes of gas' and that she is 'exhausted' from lack of sleep due to fear of spending too much time upstairs inhaling the gas.

You can see the full local news report here.

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    Check the water traps for sinks, bath and shower trays. In fact, check they have been fitted.
    Is the house stench pipe blocked by a helpful birds nest?
    We have a sewer vent near us. It looks like a regular lamp post without the light. Very occasionally we get a 'blast from that'
    I worked in biochemistry labs most of my working life and often used and smelt those gases. If the amounts of those gasses you are smelling are occasional then you will happily live until at least age 70. Those gases have a very high smell property but you would not be able to live in the house at the concentrations needed to harm you.
    Do you have a dog that has a permanently upset stomach? I have come across that one.

  • jeremy clarke

    Tenant obviously has too much time on her hands to undertake all the Google "research", same tenant would probably argue with a doctor who told her she was not ill!
    One thing though from the full article in the newspaper; contractors should be asked not to offer an opinion to tenants when visiting, tenants latch onto anything and never let go.

  • icon

    If more than one contractor AND the Environmental Health have come back and said there is no cause for concern, and she's STILL gone in the paper spouting about it, then the agency should be taking legal action to protect their reputation. I see far, far too many good service providers bending over and taking crap like this just because certain types of people think we're easy pickings.


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