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Rental standards at centre of Corbyn’s Labour Election campaign

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched his party’s General Election campaign with an attack on what he describes as “dodgy landlords.”

He did not define how landlords became “dodgy” in his eyes, but in one passage in the launch speech of the campaign, he said: “We’re going after the tax dodgers. We’re going after the dodgy landlords. We’re going after the bad bosses. We’re going after the big polluters. Because we know whose side we’re on.”

Later in the speech he said: “Whose side are you on? The dodgy landlords like the Duke of Westminster, Britain’s youngest billionaire, who tried to evict whole blocks of families to make way for luxury apartments? Or the millions of tenants in Britain who struggle to pay their rent each month?”


He went on to say that dodgy landlords were part of what he called “a corrupt system.”

Aspects of the private rental sector appear to have already taken centre stage in Labour’s election campaign.

Earlier this week the party tweeted a video of tenants unhappy with their accommodation, and the accompanying text reads: “General Election 2019 is here and nothing shows the need for it like this: Cockroaches, flooding, non-secure tenancies and doors that don’t lock. Yet nothing but Tory contempt. We’ve been working with these residents for three months and will win for them and many like them. #ByTheMany.”

Corbyn’s opening speech made no reference to two controversial rental sector policies set out by leading Labour figures in recent months.

One is rent controls, which Labour wants to introduce in an unspecified number of major cities; the other is the forced sale of buy to let properties which Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said should be offered to tenants under a new form of Right To Buy.

  • phil dillon

    This is BJs opportunity to support the PRS , Will he ?


    Only if there is something in it for him

  • Simon Shinerock

    You can’t blame Corbyn, he isn’t intelligent enough to know any better, let’s hope the voters understand his limitations. The best thing for Corbyn would be a comfy chair in a drop in centre, the worst thing for the country would be if he became PM. I know he doesn’t trust Boris possibly because he doesn’t/can’t understand him the ironic thing is I wouldn’t trust Corbyn to make my tea, the only thing I would trust him to do is to wreck the country if he gets the chance

    • 01 November 2019 11:19 AM

    Wall and firing squad would be suitable for the likes of him!

    Algarve  Investor

    Your comment suggests, while not trusting Corbyn one bit, you trust Boris, a proven liar - so much so he's been sacked twice for it and even got admonished in the highest court in the land for lying to Her Maj.

    What makes you think you can trust a word uttered by Johnson? Because he says he'll get Brexit done - the latest in the long line of meaningless political slogans. He won't get Brexit done, because Brexit will be dominating our lives for decades.

    The uncertainty will linger on for years because of a needless, reckless and weak decision made by a certain Mr Cameron.

  • icon

    If the Duke of Westminster had paid Inheritance Tax the amount he would have paid would have been more than the Government collected from Inheritance Tax in the year. It is not right that someone this rich and powerful is able to avoid Inheritance Tax whilst someone inheriting the family home has to pay the Tax.


    His estates form part of a trust so he doesn't actually inherit very much, There is nothing stopping anyone doing the same with their family home.

    I paid no inheritance tax when I inherited my family home because it was worth less than £475,000.

    • 01 November 2019 11:15 AM

    So do you consider it objectionable that LL can pass down the equity of their investment properties to their heirs!?
    The DoW is just a very successful LL.
    Why should his wealth be expropriated.
    Where did the right to that come from!?
    Remember all LL are aspiring DoW's

  • icon
    • 02 November 2019 06:51 AM

    @Alffarce investor..
    Nope I despise Bojo but I despise him less than the evil Labour Leader and his chancellor.
    I despise Bojo for his devastating the London Fire Service in addition to what the Labour Party did to it.
    But I despise Labour with all my being.
    No matter what the incompetent Tories do they will never be as bad as the evil Labour Party.
    I wish PR was the way we elect MP's.
    Never apart from Communist Govts has any Western Govt suggested expropriation of private property.
    I don't care how long BrExit takes.
    I don't care if there are some negative effects .
    I do care that we become an independent country not controlled by what is in effect a benign FOURTH REICH!
    Using the power of the euro rather than tank columns is exactly what Nazis planned at the end of the war.
    They lost two world wars but have conclusively won the peace!.
    The UK voted to NOT be controlled by the Fourth Reich especially as we played a major part in destroying the Third one!
    Not that I consider it will occur but don't care if the UK economy suffers through the BrExit process
    National independence is of far more importance than any slight economic difficulties that the UK may experience.
    So I don't care if any truths are the first victims of the BrExit process.
    We have voted to leave and leave we must.

  • icon

    The man claims that there are 14 million people living in poverty for Christ's sake. He is impossible to take seriously. No right minded, objective person could possibly vote for him.


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