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Renters 'union' asks tenants to report agents levying illegal fees

The controversial tenants union Acorn has set up a web page where disgruntled renters can lodge complaints about letting agents.

In the past Acorn, which campaigns in major cities on behalf of private tenants, has held demonstrations outside lettings agents’ offices; the organisation has been at its most active in Bristol in recent years, where it has claimed responsibility for persuading the local Labour council to introduce landlord licensing in 12 wards of the city.

Now in its latest criticism of the rental industry, the website says: For years letting agents arbitrarily charged tenants extortionate fees for whatever they could think of  – signing a tenancy, printing a contract, reference checks, you name it. 


“We even heard of one that charged a ‘collection fee’ for the effort it cost them to collect all their other fees. Exploitative agents often charged tenants hundreds of pounds just for doing their job. 

“After years of campaigning the government finally changed the law, banning most fees to tenants.

“Letting agent fees have been illegal since 1st June 2019, but some are still trying to flout the law. ACORN won’t stand for it.

“We’re mounting a #siezethefees fightback! If you find an agent trying to flout the law, tell us using this form.” 


  • Kristjan Byfield

    To be fair- enforcement of regs by any body/organisation is ultimately a good thing for those that are complying. We all know enforcement is the weakest part of all the legislations & regs so any support in facilitating this is a good thing really. The area that will cause the most tension is the tenant 'swap' charges where the government has done our industry a huge disservice by suggesting £50 as a guide whereas we all know that this can often be more work than placing a new let at a property. I was 'debating' this very point with some tenants on twitter yesterday

  • S l
    • S l
    • 24 October 2019 12:02 PM

    Here we go again. Acorn, promoting rogue tenants who wanted freebie claiming letting agents charging fees for doing their jobs. Who else is going to pay the letting agent for the service provided for tenants. Do they seriously expect not to pay for services. What is this world coming to. Snowflake tenants. Perhaps we should go after solicitors architects engineers and doctors and all else for free services

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    What this does show, is that Tenants are getting More organised than Landlords, and Apathy will ultimately be our downfall.
    For gods sake, Landlords, join some Landlord group and Fight Back !


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