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‘Avoid eviction’ campaign by councils extended for another 12 months

A free-to-use ‘Housing Early Prevention Service’ runs by a council on the south coast has been deemed such a success it has been extended until March 2020.

The shared project between Bournemouth and Poole council started in May 2017 and identified 382 households that were privately renting but at risk of eviction. 

The service says it has had a 58 per cent success rate of preventing homelessness. 



Six outreach staff work directly with tenants, liaising with other support services such as the Jobcentre, health, voluntary sector and private sector landlords. 

Bournemouth councillor Robert Lawton says: “We are delighted with the achievements made through this scheme. We have been successful in helping people in vulnerable situations achieve positive outcomes by remaining in their homes.”

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    This is a simple equasion , if tenants pay rent and look after the properties they live in landlords have no reason to evict , and this does not discriminate working or housing benefit, tenants of all kinds should have the same right to have a roof over their heads , however some both working or not just feel that they dont have to pay their way and the system unfortunatly protects them and its often the poor landlord that loses out.

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    Cheaper to sort out the problem than have to house a homeless family thus increasing LA property available for those worthy and entitled to it.
    Looks like they grasped the nettle of foolish action of telling tenants to stay put until the bailiff arrives. High Court action is a very simple demonstration of what happens when tenants with problems are given bad advice.
    I wonder how many other LA's will rise to this one?


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