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Millennials all at sea? They're even considering living on a houseboat

Over half of the Millennials consulted in a survey say they want to get away from renting so badly they would even consider buying a houseboat.

The survey - commissioned, perhaps unsurprisingly by a mooring company called British Waterways Marines Limited - shows that 55 per cent of Millennials are unable to save the sum required for a deposit on a traditional bricks and mortar house or flat.

So, when asked if they would consider an alternative dwelling, 53 per cent said they would temporarily live in a caravan, 33 per cent a houseboat and 14 per cent a trailer.


The houseboat was apparently the favourite long-term residence, with 27 per cent saying they would happily raise a family on the water.

Although 48 per cent admitted that affordability was the main perk of alternative living, 25 per cent are drawn to the associated health and well-being benefits, such as improved mental health.

Of the same group 15 per cent are attracted to the environmental advantages, while one in 10 would find it more convenient for travel.

The survey’s statement to the press quotes Kat, a travel blogger, saying Millennials are simply looking for a different way of life: “People are willing to live a little smaller, in order to have more freedom to travel and enjoy the world."

“Whether that’s living in a van or on a boat, there are several options and I think more people are becoming aware of those and taking the opportunities which come their way.”


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