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One in three Brits would be happy to rent for life

A new study claims one in three Britons would be happy renting for the rest of their lives - but the downside is that they expect more tenants’ rights in return.

The study, for the Hillarys interiors company, questioned over 2,000 UK tenants.

Respondents were asked how long they had been renting for, with 43 per cent saying they had done so for six to 10 years and another 15 per cent saying they had been tenants for between 11 and 15 years.


Just over half said they were currently happy with renting.

Asked if they would be happy renting for the rest of their life, some 35 per cent said yes. 

The chief reasons for enjoying renting were the flexibility to move around freely - 39 per cent - followed by 27 per cent being unable to buy anyway because of high prices. 

Some 14 per cent said they enjoyed not worrying about repairs, while another nine per cent said they didn’t want to be tied down to one location, and six per cent saying they wanted to avoid the stress of ownership.

Next, those respondents unhappy with long-term renting were asked why they would not be happy renting forever with them citing ‘lack of renters rights’ (34 per cent), ‘stories about or experiences of terrible landlords’ (31 per cent) and the rising cost of rent (26 per cent) as their top reasons why.

When all respondents were provided with a list of possible scenarios and asked what they think landlords should or shouldn’t be able to do, nine out of 10 said they believed landlords should not be able to evict tenants, unless they break the law. 

A similar proportion said they believed landlords should be made to give at least six month’ notice prior to eviction, and 63 per cent thought that tenants should be given ‘first right of refusal’ if their landlord decides to sell.


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