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 Union wants its members to ensure Section 21 is actually scrapped

A trade union says the government’s intention to scrap Section 21 eviction powers for landlords is “a huge victory” - but it’s calling upon its members to ensure the pledge is actually enacted.

UNISON declares the decision to scrap Section 21 to be “a huge victory for England’s 11m private tenants and UNISON’s housing campaign”.

Despite not being a natural ally of a Conservative government, the union declares that the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government has given “balance” to its proposal by also pledging to reform the court system for landlords, “to make it more efficient and effective.”


So now the union is calling on its members to press the government to honour its pledge by a range of measures.

This includes publicising “the victory” on Twitter, sharing positive messages about the scrapping on Facebook, sharing a briefing paper prepared by the union with work colleagues, and by signing up to the pressure group Generation Rent.

The members are also urged to read the union’s submission to the government’s original formal consultation on scrapping S21, and to follow a link to the MHCLG website where it outlines its plans to - in its words - “end unfair evictions.”

UNISON assistant policy officer Sylvia Jones says the proposals are a major shift in government policy and “a huge victory for private tenants.” 

The proposals “will give them hope for a secure and stable home where they can lay down roots, raise their families and plan their lives. However, more needs to be done to solve the problem of rising rents and poor quality housing to give renters greater protections, security and stability in private renting.”

  • S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 10:57 AM

    What happen to protection to the landlord against the huge rising number of rogue tenants who do not pay rent and committing fraud in renting a property and refused to pay the utility bills and ran off . Since they are tenants, there are no way of finding where they are as they flip from one house to another, not because of s21 but because s21 is used to evict bad tenants who does not pay rent and damaged the property on top of not paying their utility bills for months and years. who is going to champion against rogue tenants?

  • icon

    Yes sylvia jones and also tell the council to sort the own mess out, being the biggest landlords in UK also caused the largest death toll in a single building in the UK.
    Also Sylvia Jones tell the council to stop stealing council tax off us professional landlords who have to refurb their Own properties after being trashed by some lowlife non rent paying useless piece of nothing yet we still get charged 100% council tax on this empty property But will discount the council tax by 25% when a single person moves in. Explain the logic away Ms Jones, double dare you!

    S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 12:29 PM

    Empty properties in Banes are charged 150% and even tho its been proven its single occupancy, the council still refused to reduce the council tax. In fact, they took me to court and i had to dispute it with their office who then withdrew the case and although on the original call agreed to remove the 68£ summons charge, because the lady failed to put it into the system, further enquiries had refused to remove it due to their own inefficiency and mistakes in taking it to court in the first place. How does the council justify that?? Furher complaints fall on deaf ears because we are landlords and therefore they are going to fleece us dry!!! We are a target for council just because we are landlords

  • Paul Smithson

    Just don’t take tenants on benefits...as soon this option won’t be legal.

    S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 13:05 PM

    The non payers are working professionals as well as HB

  • icon

    As i said the Council are thieves.
    I dare one of them explain on this site why they can justify charging 100% Council Tax on an empty property yet on the very same property will reduce by 25% if a single tenant moves in!!

    S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 22:34 PM

    They make their own rules and impose it on us unsuspecting resident. they would want to make owners pay more for the void and empty houses. Yet when there are nobody in the property for years and years, they track down the families in uk or sell it to developer to do it up and sell on. The council claimed they charge more so that we owners wont leave it empty and will do it up to sell rather than pay for empty property.

  • icon
    • 29 April 2019 14:15 PM

    I never have any voids.
    I always have a single East European tenant.
    Some only stay a few weeks!!!!
    I doubt the council has ever tracked down any of these council tax defaulting tenants.
    Never have I any forwarding address.
    It is almost as though these tenants disappear into the ether!!!

  • icon

    Should take forwarding addresses for Deposit return, and informing Utilities

    S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 22:36 PM

    You will be surprise how many would refuse to give forwarding address and give a friends address instead which means we cant sue them for rent arrears or damages if deposit is not enough to cover. Hence, students are still the best option for rentals. Got guarantors and can send letter to their parents /guarantors address

  • icon

    Number 1 Dick Turpin street.

  • icon
    • 29 April 2019 16:34 PM

    Yep I know it is a bummer for the councils and they never find these tenants to pay council tax arrears.
    It is almost as though they never existed!!!!!
    Personally I never take a deposit from these tenants who also knock me for rent EVERYTIME!!
    Yep utility companies get hit as well as I always inform them of the new occupant.
    I have no idea as to whether they are ever paid because of course as just the LL I am not allowed under GDPR to know anything about the energy account!!
    Of course it would be a lot simpler if councils returned to the old days of zero council tax while the property is vacant but hey what do I know!?

  • icon

    Correct, but being the theiving useless not a clue council they sting us for 100%, best bit is they cant give a true full answer as to why.

    • 29 April 2019 18:32 PM

    Mate as you and I are fully aware LL are an easy target to hit.
    They make up the majority of temporarily vacant properties.
    Councils know the public cares not a jot for LL being unfairly charged.
    Electorally not damaging for the Councils at all.
    Rarely will tenants appreciate why their rents are increasing.
    They fail to see the connect between iniquitous council charges and their rent increasing.
    They just see LL increasing rents and as such term all LL as greedy.
    Expect to see in the very near future rent controls.
    Lodgers and FHL etc will not be subject to rent controls.
    Decide therefore how you might adjust your relevant business model.
    Expect Councils to charge LL even more Council Tax even when not vacant.

  • S l
    • S l
    • 29 April 2019 22:39 PM

    Hi Paul B, whats FHL?

    • 29 April 2019 22:44 PM

    Furnished Holiday Let.
    Sorry for using acronyms but I so presume possibly incorrectly that those using this site are up with the industry vernacular.
    Sorry if I presumed this as you perhaps don't quite get all the lingo.
    Sorry for not using full plain English
    As far as FHL and holiday homes as a way to defeat S24 may I suggest an excellent thread on this on propertytribes.com

    Many LL are turning to such options to beat S24or to reduce it's effects.
    Also the lodger option etc
    Many LL are also fraudulently letting out via AirBnB.
    But whatever it takes to beat the fraudulent S24 tax policy is valid in my book!!

  • S l
    • S l
    • 30 April 2019 10:28 AM

    thanks paul


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