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40% of landlords worried about Brexit and 20% set to sell - survey

A new survey by a specialist property sector lender reveals that 19 per cent of landlords are looking to sell in the next three years, with Brexit the key worry for two in 10 buy to let owners.

Brexit remains a key uncertainty for property sector professionals with two fifths of landlords conceding that it is top of their list of concerns. 

The uncertainty over the UK's EU departure is seen as a bigger risk than rising interest rates, a lack of confidence in the stability of lenders, and rising levels of tax.


Nonetheless the people behind the survey - Cambridge & Counties Bank - insist that a majority of UK landlords are optimistic about the outlook for the residential buy to let sector over the next three years.

Of these, more than one in 10 consider themselves “very” optimistic in terms of investment growth and yields.

Nearly a fifth are looking to grow their portfolios by a third and 11 per cent want to double it over the next three years. 


In addition to growing their property portfolios, a significant number of landlords say they will be refurbishing their BTL and investment properties, with an average of £10,000 set to be spent. 

One in nine of respondents to the study said they would spend more than £20,000, with four per cent forecasting they would invest more than £50,000 in their estate.

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    • 27 June 2019 10:44 AM

    BrExit isn't factored at all into my business considerations because there is nothing to consider.
    Of far more concern is the very real and devastating threat of a Labour Govt.
    This is causing me to sell up along with S24 effects.
    No way do I wish to be a LL when Comrade Corbyn assumes power!
    Many LL will find they have to spend considerable funds on ensuring their properties will comply with EPC C status which is required in 10 years time.

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    What a load of nonsense! Brexit has no impact on my properties.

    I am guessing that the author has another agenda!

    Barry X

    Completely agree.... EXCEPT for one or two relevant points.... in London, Birmingham, many parts of Yorkshire etc there appear to be quite a few people who are probably in the county illegally - and I'm sure you can easily imagine them - and they are acting as probably rouge landlords (and being the focus of government and council studies eagerly trying/lying to suggest they are representative of us all which obviously they are NOT), and most of them rent very poor quality and overcrowded accommodation (including "beds in sheds" etc) to almost certainly "below the radar" illegal migrants.... I can imagine that in the unlikely event we had a real, genuine Brexit (and not in name only) AND somehow the home office got tough and actually did a proper job AND somehow our borders (and sleepy beaches facing the channel etc) were actually properly patrolled and secured AND all illegals were actually deported.... none of which, let alone all, being likely to happen.... but if it were and did THEN it seems that their grubby corner of the PRS would largely disappear and guessing (because this is the part I don't known whereas I'm confident of all I've said so far)...I'm guessing that over the whole country they account for perhaps 2% - 3% - perhaps 5%, absolute tops, of the PRS at the most (but make a much bigger nuisance of themselves where they operate so might seem bigger) THEY might be hit hard but ONLY if all the measures I've listed were actually implimented.

    For the rest of us, the normal, decent honest Landlords and agents, Brexit (especially as the government is makeing sure it won't really happen, at least not properly) will make little or no difference.

    It's all the legal and tax attacks on us that are the real problem, undermining our rights, wrecking our businesses, heavily discriminating against us compared to treatment of other business sectors, taking all our very hard earned profits from an increasingly higher and higher risk business (due to legislative attacks undermining and/or completely negating our rights).... THOSE are the real reasons, together with threat of labour government (perhaps worse still in coalition with Greens), perhaps 20% - 30% or even more of us would love to get out if only CGT and the current very weak property market with low prices (that haven't even kept up with inflation for several years) etc. weren't such a heart-breaking obstacle creating inertia!!!!!!!

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    • 27 June 2019 13:35 PM

    All part of a Remoaner xenophobia.
    Hopefully with a revised Immigration policy the low skilled benefit seeking migrants will be replaced by the higher skilled who won't need welfare and will make far better tenants.
    The demand will remain roughly the same but the HB bill will reduce.
    So BrExit much to look forward to.
    Perhaps LL get rid of the typical immigrant rental property and invest in better areas to await the higher skilled migrants who are desperately needed due to the pathetic investment in the UK workforce.

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    We don't need corbyn to destroy BTL this government is doing a good job to do this.

    • 28 June 2019 08:39 AM

    Nah not at all.
    Corbyn will overtly destroy the PRS and capital values in all resi properties.
    Comparatively speaking the Tories are benign

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    Who writes this stuff? A non-story if ever I heard one.


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