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Landlords advised to start adjusting deposits to new cap limit

The Deposit Protection Service has revealed that more than four out of 10 of the tenancy deposits it manages are currently higher than the new tenancy deposit cap. 

Since June 1 most new assured shorthold tenancy deposits in England are capped at five weeks’ rent where the total annual rent is less than £50,000, or at six weeks when the yearly rent is £50,000 or more. 

Although landlords are not compelled to apply the cap to tenancies that began before the deadline, they must adjust the deposit that exceeds the cap whenever an existing tenancy is renewed on a fixed-term basis. 


The DPS has said that 42.8 per cent of the deposits it currently protects stand above the cap. 

Matt Trevett, managing director, says: “Our figures show that the tenancy deposit cap will eventually affect a significant proportion of properties around the country. Landlords and letting agents should be ready to make the change whenever a relevant tenancy ends in order to fully comply with the law.” 

Since the start of June the proportion of deposits protected by The DPS that exceeded the cap decreased by 1.46 per cent. 

The DPS says this reflects the start of new tenancies with compliant deposits and landlords choosing to adjust proactively larger deposits for existing tenancies. 

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlord are ' Compelled ' to do a hell of a lot in recent years, so what they're NOT compelled to do is none of anyone else's business...
    and should not form part of a cheap publicity article.
    DPS should concentrate on applying their adjudication more fairly towards Landlords, rather than encouraging them to 'take more risk'

  • icon

    The dps like the tps stink. Both dont have a clue. Faced with LL photos dated and timed before and after they still have a useless arbritrator coming down in favour of the lieing tenant.

  • icon
    • 09 August 2019 09:47 AM

    Why would any sane LL issue a new tenancy or renew one!!!??
    They just allow them to proceed onto a SPT or a CPT.
    S13 may be used for rent increases.
    In 11 years of operating as a self-managing LL I have never renewed an AST.
    All SPT.
    No tenant had ever requested a new AST.
    I use mydeposits and I hold the monies.
    No LA has ever been able to run off with my tenant deposits!
    An AST guarantees nothing.
    Believe me if a tenant wants to leave they will irrespective of any silly AST.
    They will usually fail to pay rent so that they don't lose their deposit then they leave!
    An AST is a paper ball and chain and as such is pointless.


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