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Brexit doubts means tenants get lavish extras says trade group

A lettings sector trade group says lavish additional services are being offered by landlords who are nervous that Brexit will lead to fewer tenants.

The National Landlords Association says that as this Friday’s Brexit Day approaches so increasing numbers of landlords are offering luxury packages to woo foreign workers and international students.

A statement from the association says: “Landlords have been reporting a falling demand from tenants, and many are pointing the finger at Brexit and the continuing uncertainty surrounding residency rules for EU nationals and funding for international students. Foreign workers and international students have traditionally generated the highest rental yields for landlords – so any decline in their numbers is likely to hit landlords’ rental business.”


The NLA says some landlords are now offering:

- personal transport to and from the airport by prior arrangement rather than taxis (travelling alone or without an accompanying member of family can be problematic for some people);

- accompanying students to council offices to obtain student exemption status;

- managing or arranging payment of utility bills on their behalf;

- providing a tailored tenant information pack akin to the type of information given to people renting a holiday cottage. This provides them with local guide information - where to shop, where to socialise, where to buy food and eat out;

- providing a Christmas gift pack; or

- promising to redecorate the property every two years.

“In a buyer’s market, suppliers have no choice but to find ways to make their offering more attractive. Whether it’s offering super-fibre optic broadband, delivering gift baskets at Christmas, or other religious holidays, or offering to manage all bills associated with the property as part of the tenancy agreement, landlords have plenty of options” says Richard Lambert, NLA chief executive.

“Ultimately, landlords will be most successful when they have an open dialogue with their tenants and keep in regular contact to ensure they know what they need. A happy tenant is far more likely to ask for a longer tenancy, which is what every landlord hopes for.”


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