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We warned you! Government told of rising rents thanks to fees ban

The Association of Residential Letting Agents says the number of tenants successfully negotiating rent reductions has hit an all time low - another likely manifestation of landlords’ resolve after the fees ban.

The latest ARLA market snapshot shows the number of tenants negotiating a rent reduction fell to 1.1 per cent last month from 1.6 per cent in November; the December tally was the lowest figure since records began.

And the number of agents witnessing rent increases remained at 32 per cent in December; year-on-year, this figure is hugely up from 16 per cent in December 2017 and 18 per cent in December 2018.


Meanwhile demand from prospective tenants fell last month with 56 prospective tenants registered per member branch, down from 67 in November. Demand from prospective tenants has now fallen for the third consecutive month.

However, the number of properties managed per branch rose last month from 203 to 206; annual supply is up from 200 in December 2017 and 193 in December 2018.

“Since the tenant fees ban came into effect, our data shows that rents reached an all-time high last year. While we have seen a slight drop in the number of agents witnessing landlords increasing rents since then, overall rents remain high and now it seems that tenants are finding it harder than ever to negotiate a reduction in rent” explains David Cox, chief executive of ARLA.

“As rents continue to rise, tenants will find it even more difficult to find suitable accommodation. Now that we have a new government in place, it’s important that long overdue legislative changes are implemented to make the market attractive again for both tenants and landlords.”

  • Paul Singleton

    A lot more rents will increase as and when the contracts are up for renewal. Congratulations to Polly Neate!

  • Matthew Payne

    If you look at the Hometrack/Zoopla numbers rents rose by 3-6% in most cities in the 12 months to Dec 19. The Tory governement doesn't much care though one way or the other. This was not a policy introduced to save tenants money, or where they thought rents could remain unaffected. They like us, knew rents would rise, but this was about young peoples votes, an opportunity to bribe a group of voters seduced by Labours free tuition fees, train travel & broadband, who don't understand the micro economics of the PRS.

    It was simply politics and them stealing a Labour policy to be able to demonstrate they are a party of the people, a one nation Tory party who fights for the rights of the common man at the cost of landords and big business. To be fair it worked though. 80 seat majority.

  • Angus Shield

    Just as day follows night......
    We all warned of it but did Polly listen....??

  • icon

    Yup..we’ve had the “no fees” scenario in Scotland for many years now. Rents have definitely gone up more than normal, despite telling the Scot Gov, Shelter, etc this would happen..they have no idea!

  • icon
    • 29 January 2020 10:12 AM

    Rent reductions!!!!!?? HA HAH.
    In their dreams.
    I increase mine every year£100 pcm to pay for S24 so no real terms increase for 4 years just increased rent to pay the S24 Tenant Tax.
    Do these idiots really believe LL will reduce rents in light of overwhelming demand and insufficient supply!?


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