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Council reveals huge administration cost for licensing scheme

Enfield council in London has confirmed that it will introduce borough-wide additional licensing.

It is also seeking consent from the government to have selective licensing across 14 wards - such a large area that it requires permission from the Housing Secretary.

The council has given details of the licensing charges and - unusually - it’s revealed the high costs of administration behind licensing.


Data on the National Landlords’ Association website reveals that from September 1, Enfield council’s selective licensing will cost £600 per landlord with £260 for administrative costs and £340 to cover enforcement costs. 

Additional licensing will cost no less than £900, with £550 towards administrative costs while £350 will cover enforcement costs.



Over recent years there has been substantial criticism that council licensing schemes have effectively been little more than revenue raising exercises, with relatively little of the proceeds going towards actively improving the private rental sector.

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    Why do they need so much money to cover enforcement? Surely this is paid by those who get fined and the funds go back to the council to cover enforcement. Sounds a bit like a rogue act to me - get paid twice for the same job.

  • Matthew Payne

    I wonder if the £340 is refunded to the compliant LL if at the end of the year nothing needed enforcing on their tenancies, or is it a contribution to the cost of the council having to enforce standards on all the uncompliant landlords?

  • jeremy clarke

    Bournemouth is currently consulting on additional and selective licensing. 2 years ago they tried and decided instead to employ 14 staff at an annual cost of c£400,000 PA to target the worst areas. 2 years on and having "burnt" through £800,000 the staff employed have issued civil penalties totalling c£165,000 but have only managed to collect c£27,000! A vanity project which has cost tax payers almost £800,000 as the staff continue to collect salaries and pensions despite failing miserably. The council now want to employ yet another 14 staff.........!

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    Hi Jeremy ,
    Bournemouth Council rejected Selective Licensing back in November 2017 in favour
    of a "Targeted Enforcement Programme".
    Page 74 of the initial consultation document shows the initial proposed fees and staff required.
    Without taking into consideration early bird and accreditation discounts the maximum fees that may have been collected if every landlord had paid was around £2.2m over the 5 year term.
    Around 7.5 staff on average PA was proposed.
    Could you please advise the source of your information as it appears the targeted approach has been at least as costly as the rejected proposals though twice as many staff were employed than initially proposed.
    The latest consultation is that of BCP rather than just the area covered by just Bournemouth itself.


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