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Revealed: the top priorities for tenants in 2020

A survey by lettings agency Carter Jonas has revealed what the firm calls the top priorities for tenants as the 2020s begin.

The survey - taken at the end of last year - consisted of only 300 renters but Carter Jonas has shared the findings with Letting Agent Today.

In broad terms, high speed broadband is the most in demand ‘essential’ for a rental property, even more so than a modernised kitchen or bathroom; however, when ranked on what tenants would be prepared to pay more for, newly-refurbished kitchens and bathrooms come top.


Tenants are routinely more likely to move from a property due to relocation preferences rather than an issue with the property itself. And energy efficient properties have moved up the priority list for both flat and house renters.

Here is what Carter Jonas found as ‘essentials’ for renters of apartments:

1. High speed broadband;

2. A modern kitchen/bathroom;

3. Allocated parking.


And the three least important features are:

1. Outside space;

2. Blackout blinds/curtains;

3. Property alarm.


Meanwhile the top three essentials for house tenants are:

1. High speed broadband;

2. Off-street parking;

3. A modern kitchen/bathroom.


And the three least important are:

1. Fitted wardrobes

2. Blackout blinds/curtains

3. Property alarm  




Then Carter Jonas asked its tenants to list features considered worth a premium. 

For flat tenants the top three features worth paying more for were:

1. A newly refurbished kitchen and bathroom;

2. Outside space;

3. Allocated parking.

And the three features they’re least willing to pay for were:

1. Communal leisure amenities;

2. Work space;

3. Concierge service.

Finally the top three features that house tenants were willing to pay more for were:

1. A newly refurbished kitchen and bathroom;

2. A more energy efficient property;

3. A garage.

And the three features they’re least willing to pay more for:

1. Air conditioning;

2. Property alarm;

3. Media/family room.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Funny how there's an absence from Tenants ACTUAL concerns to what the Gov'ts focusing on !

    I don't see long term-tenancies, Restriction Possession recovery, a Certificate to show an electrician checked the wiring in last 5 years !
    This might of course be - because the vast majority of Tenants stay for how long they wish and landlords have no need for Possession.
    Has anyone in Govt got an ounce of Business sense ? - why Wouldn't a Landlord want to keep a Tenant who's paying rent and looking after the property !
    Its the Bad minority of Tenants that causing the problem and there HAS to be a solution to that or Housing shortages will exacerbate. Its actually Govt that's creating most of the problems in the PRS with their scatter-gun interventionists approach.
    Whilst they're Not building the houses that's needed, they're trying to skew bias against the PRS for actually accommodating Tenants. ( and Tenants need to wake up to this )

  • icon

    Note room size is also not mentioned but many lower priced rooms in Hmo no longer exists
    Agreed government shelter etc do not have a clue and are destroying the sector


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