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Acts of Kindness - an agency’s experience with its landlord clients…

We imagine many agencies have encountered acts of kindness from their clients in recent days - and agents themselves are going the extra mile to help deals go through so people can prepare themselves for life after the virus.

London agency Daniel Cobb has been in touch to share its experiences with some landlords offering to put in rent freezes to aid tenants - even before the government announcement on Wednesday. 

George Cobb, managing director of Daniel Cobb, says: “It is in these times that acts of kindness are most needed and have the greatest impact. Just today alone I have received numerous emails from landlords that we work with, offering tenants payment holidays to help them through these difficult circumstances.  


“Each one has been sent of their own volition and desire to ensure their tenants are looked after and have one less thing to worry about in the coming weeks.   

“I would like to say a huge thank you to our landlords in acting so kindly and quickly.”

George has given Letting Agent Today three examples of those acts of kindness, for us to share with readers…

“I'm J, and my wife A and I are the landlords of (address removed for privacy purposes) in London Bridge. I really hope you're enjoying your new home as much as we used to love living there. Obviously the world's going through quite an extraordinary experience right now, and I know that amidst all the concerns about our own and our families' health, many people will be facing considerable financial worries depending on the nature of work and contracts etc.  

“I've no idea what your situation is, but we just wanted to make contact with you personally to say that these are extraordinary times, we're just a family living up in Yorkshire, not a faceless landlord, and if these circumstances do lead to a situation of major worry for you, please don't feel that it's impossible to get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help.

“Wishing you all the best.”


“To the team at Daniel Cobb - Given the current coronavirus situation I would like to offer to assist my tenants by giving them the next two months rent free. Is this something you could arrange?

“There are no conditions on this offer (aside from that they continue to keep the flat in good condition!) but I would like to suggest that if they are in a financially stable position they use some of the money saved to help out others that may need it at this time.

“I will continue to pay Daniel Cobb's fee, and any other costs, as if there were no changes. Please either take this from a future rent payment or invoice me directly, whichever is easiest for you."


“I've just spoken to my tenant. I have agreed to defer next month's rent (due early April).  He works freelance and a lot of his clients have left London so the current situation has impacted his short term cash flow. I agreed that we would check in in the middle of April to see how things are.” 

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    What a load of utter ‘London Bridge’ middle-class, dinner party landlord BS.


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