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Anti-agent activists defy lockdown and vandalise branch office

Two lettings agencies have been vandalised by activists who defied the Coronavirus lockdown to damage property.

Local media reports in Cheltenham say that graffiti was scrawled across the outside of two agencies - Morgan Associates and Savills - one on Saturday but one between early Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning, when the lockdown was in place.

The statements 'Can't pay, don't' and 'Rent strike now' along with an anarchy symbol were sprayed on walls and windows.


The manager of Morgan Associates, Stuart Turner, was barracked by passers by because it looked like he was working when the lockdown was in place. 

He told Gloucestershire Live: "It is frustrating and it is upsetting for all of the staff here who are working really hard from behind the scenes to make sure that we can still provide a service to tenants and landlords.

"I would imagine the person who has done it is probably not one of our landlords or tenants because we've been all over the place helping as much as we can.

He continued: "I think there may be a belief out there that landlords are all very well off and can afford to do without rent, which is the case for a lot of our landlords, but we have a lot of landlords who are buy-to-let landlords who are in their 80s or 90s where their property is basically their pension and what they live off.”

Gloucestershire Police told the website: "Police have received a report of criminal damage to a shop front … the incident is believed to have taken place between 6pm Tuesday March 24 and 9am Wednesday March 25."

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting incident 159 of March 25 or provide information anonymously by calling crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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    This isn't surprising. When a country's leaders single out one particular group (in this case - landlords) as being the enemy of the downtrodden (in this case - tenants) the masses will feel they have backing to vent their feelings, however distorted. It's happened before in various countries. What goes through the minds of our politicians when the case they present is almost that all landlords are bad and all tenants are good? What planet do they live on?

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    Government policy has been dictated by the Communist Party of Great Britain, masquerading under the name Shelter. It's just a great shame that ARLA leadership is so weak that we have been walked all over.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    I can understand ( not justify ) why the Labour party would support Shelter, but quite why the Conservatives, who hitherto had been calling themselves the party for business, have turned against landlords and Financially support Shelter to the tune of £30 M of Tax-payers money a year, - is quite incomprehensible !


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