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Evictions: new tenancy forms confirm three-months notice period

Paperwork released overnight by the government appears to confirm that the notice period for evictions is extending from two months to three months. 

However, there is no 'complete ban' on evictions during the Coronavirus outbreak as some commentators had anticipated.

Last week, the government pledged to introduce a 'complete ban on evictions and additional protections for renters' affected by Coronavirus - taken at the time to mean a complete ban on evictions being served.


But the Coronavirus Act which was given Royal Assent yesterday evening simply extends the notice required for possession from two months to three.

The new documents - updated model assured and secure tenancy forms - appear to confirm that, with an overarching government statement that says: “The prescribed forms that apply to secure tenancies have been changed to reflect the changes to possession procedures in the Coronavirus Act 2020. The amended forms now make it clear that court proceedings cannot begin earlier than three months from the date the notice is served.”

You can see the raft of paperwork issued by the government overnight here and here.

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    I would say that this is how it will now be on a permanent basis, but if they’re abolishing S21 altogether then presumably 3 months notice will just stay until it goes.


    This is a temporary amendment. Just as Income tax was meant to be temporary. I suspct Sectio 21 will stay, but with three months notice.

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    Pointless piece of legislation. The courts are all but shut so how will tenants be taken to court? It will be extended automatically and didn't need legislation but I suppose some chinless and brainless MP said this should be included. Just another example of them interfering in something they have clearly demonstrated they do not understand.
    Politics is STILL the last place a man with no discernible ability can make a decent living!

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    The feedback I'm getting from landlords is as expected. Buy to let banks are not doing, or finding ways not to do a mortgage holiday, and as far a small % of tenants are taking the piss. 3 months is not going to change going forward, putting more pressure on hard pressed landlords.

    Matthew Payne

    Ive only seen press on 4 lenders offering them so far. About 690 still to go...

    Ingrid Mott

    Yes Landlords have been forced to be "social" landlords. The Council estates have mostly been sold and responsibility for the lives of the irresponsible - whom the government have themselves created - has been shifted to us. We have to house them, tolerate bad behaviour and support them through - since THEY are vulnerable . The word "landlord" should be changed to "key giver".

  • Amanda Burrow

    I took a tenant to court on Thursday prior to this the judge ruled in my favour and gave him 14 days notice , I haven't received any paper work back from the courts with his eviction date ! Tenant failed to show in court (2nd hearing as he lied and said he had paid me ! Judge asked for bank records which of course he failed to provide , in first hearing !
    So what happens now 9 months in arrears I had a ruling in my favour and now tenants messaged me today telling to basically take a run and jump !
    I’m beside myself what to do now !
    Government should cover any arrears for notices that have already been applied for via courts , personally for any rental loss , I work at the bottom of the pile , Iv assisted taking food and essentials for my most needy tenants , but when I have 3 already served section 8 I’m at a loss now they will basically be living for a year by the time the courts rule rent free ! Help

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    I will give you some Pro-bono advice if the host will permit my contact details in that regard.

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    Give them the 14 days notice again and tell them to be out on the 14th day as you are moving in a cronavirus sufferer and also that you will hound them to the ends of the earth until you get your rent money paid in full plus additional costs, plus you will be round every day until they vacate and hope they don't catch anything off you, failing this just pay rent a mob and throw the lowlife out or better still put bin liners over their heads and dump them 200 mile away.

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    • 26 March 2020 15:56 PM

    The Government and Shelter are trying to destroy us.
    I talk to a lot of Landlords and they are all saying this;

    “Every landlord in Britain should refuse to take Housing benefit tenants and tenants with pets and young people. If Landlords broadcast this to every advert reply, everyone they speak to, There MP, and shout it from the roof tops”

    If every Landlord does this there will be complaints to the Government and shelter.
    It will cause the Government to think again about the Tenant fee act, especially only being allowed 5 weeks deposit and one weeks holding fee and abolishing section 21

    The above is going to happen anyway because Landlords will fight back.
    Also a lot of Landlords will sell up and those properties will be lost to the rental market forever. This will cause a crisis in the rental market.

    Only being allowed one week’s holding fee is an unfair law. The prospective tenant will let me down at the 11th hour and not only will I lose 4 weeks rent but I will have to pay The Council Tax. What business can carry on with such unfair laws.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Absolutely with you 110 % Arro,
    Problem with Landlords is Galvanising them into taking collective action, as the representative [sic] bodies are Useless at it.

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    Been saying it for ages. Since George Osborne started the slide and pick-pocketing landlords until it is not financially viable for the hassle involved, there will be fewer and fewer property available for rent in the PRS.

    Another Housing Minister will no doubt be following Robert Jenrick soonish as they seldom last more than a year before he has had time to learn his portfolio, and by which time he won't really care anymore. With 10 Housing Ministers in as many years - it's just shocking.


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