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No rent rises for a year! Anti-agent group demands a ban on increases

The Generation Rent pressure group, fiercely critical of agents and landlords in recent months, wants the government to implement a 12 month ban on rent increases.

It says renters have been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis and claims that “every day” it’s hearing from people who have landlords compromising their safety or “who have applied for mortgage holidays but are still refusing to pause rent payments.”

The group adds that despite government help for tenants - effectively a ban on evictions for three months and changes to housing benefit - renters are still “extremely worried.”


It continues: “We urge the government to act now to avoid a homelessness crisis as a result of the pandemic. Housing is a public health issue - renters need safe and secure homes to self isolate in to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.”

Its demands are:

1. A ban on in-tenancy rent rises for a year: “This would prevent landlords from forcing tenants to leave their home as a result of an unaffordable rent hike. A rent increase would force tenants to move out and landlords should not be taking this opportunity to increase their earnings.”

2. End Section 8 evictions for rent arrears accrued during this period: “Amending Section 8 to state that rent is not lawfully due for arrears related to coronavirus means preventing people from losing their homes due to the pandemic. Arrears accrued during this period should not affect a tenant’s credit score or affect their ability to rent again in future.”

3. End Section 21 evictions: The group says “no fault evictions are a leading cause of homelessness and we are asking for their suspension. If Section 21 notices remain valid, all other efforts to ensure security will be undermined. 

4. Increase Local Housing Allowance and remove the benefit cap: “LHA currently won’t cover the majority of renters’ housing costs. Raising the allowance to cover the average local rent would prevent many renters from facing a shortfall. The household cap and London cap on LHA should be lifted, as should the restrictions on migrants and those with savings above the current threshold.”

5. End the five week wait for Universal Credit: “The wait to receive benefits pushes renters into arrears. We are proposing changing the Universal Credit Advance Payment into a grant to ensure renters have access to benefits immediately.”


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    "The group says no fault evictions are a leading cause of homelessness..."

    Not true and never has been. S21 is a process brought about by something else. By saying this GR are plain lying.

    "It says renters have been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis and claims that “every day” it’s hearing from people who have landlords compromising their safety or “who have applied for mortgage holidays but are still refusing to pause rent payments.” "

    Well, having established that GR are liars I would ask for the proof of this statement from them. How would the renters know that the landlords have applied for 'mortgage holidays'. More lies. And everyday???? Prove it!

  •  G romit

    Generation Rent are feeling left out by covid-19 and scraping the barrel for some anti-Landlord propaganda, and totally lost sight of reality (as usual). The people they claim to represent are getting 80% of their income have lower outgoings (no commuting, no socialising, etc.) and are still quite capable, therefore, to pay their rent. But are the first to demand that Landlords maintain the properties no matter what.

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    I notice they want rent arrears action ceased, but don’t explain what happens when the tenant uses the opportunity for a free ride? Nor do they explain the situation of tenants caught in domestic situations who want or need to be evicted - what are their plans for them??

  • Matthew Payne

    It is hysteria like this that led to all the panic buying in the shops. Shout loud enough for long enough and people think a problem exists where there isn't one. Campaigning like this is only about self promotion.


    You mean a bit lke the Shelter ads which were donated by Nationwide? I had to stop watching them on medical advice - raised my blood pressure too much.

  • jeremy clarke

    When will these creations disappear up their own ar***? No reason for any tenants not to pay rent, indeed those living off the state before covid 19 are getting more money from gov than they were without the stress of not having work. Gov are undertaking to assist all tenants to ensure rents are paid,

  • icon
    • 14 April 2020 15:29 PM

    It does seem bizarre but it does now seem that feckless tenants are effectively being further rewarded for being feckless.
    Such tenants can continue to laze the days away with everything being FREE for them.
    It makes no sense working for low wages when welfare provides exactly the same lifestyle for no work.
    To avoid even the OBC which then gives access to unlimited welfare all a claimant has to do is allegedly work 16 hrs per week.
    Such welfare tenants will become an attractive option for many LL.
    At least it is about as guaranteed rent as one can achieve in the current climate.
    Just about sums this country up.
    The feckless continue their Free lifestyles while the workers get s### on from a great height.

    Something very wrong in a society where the feckless are in effect rewarded far better than a FULL -TIME worker.

  • S l
    • S l
    • 14 April 2020 15:35 PM

    We got the MPs think tank to thank for this.


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