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Age UK is latest charity to call for repeal of Section 21

Age UK is the latest campaigning charity to call for the repeal of S21 and the introduction of greater controls over evictions in the private rental sector.

It says that over 750,000 people aged 60 or over are unable to have security of tenure into their older age because they rent from a private landlord. 

“The way the system works means renters are never on sure footing. That’s stressful and uncertain for anyone, but it’s even harder as you get older and need more stability” says the charity.


And it blames “skyrocketing rents” for leaving one in three older renters in poverty after their rent is paid.

“For someone just scraping by on a pension, that might mean missing meals or switching off the heating just to keep a roof over their head” it claims.

The organisation claims that scrapping S21 would give all renters the security they deserve.

“Although this would mean the abolition of ‘no fault evictions’ landlords will still to be able to gain possession on legitimate grounds and tenants will still have the flexibility to move on if their circumstances change” it claims.

  • James B

    Soon the whole of the U.K. will jump on this bandwagon it seems.. landlord bashing is going nuts now on every angle possible

  • S l
    • S l
    • 12 June 2020 08:52 AM

    Its the rental freebie thats attracting the bees to the honey money

  • icon
    • 12 June 2020 09:03 AM

    Tough. They have signed a contract. Live with it.
    Why does everyone these days think it is OK to rip off legitimate.
    That should have thought of this when they were having 4 holidays a year, driving Porsches, and boozing it up in restaurants and pubs. And quite likely wrecking the properties they lived in!

    To quote Sir Arthur Harris:
    "They sowed the wind, and now they will reap the whirlwind"

    So - Tough on them. Sometimes God is Good!!!!!!!

  • David Porter

    Society has evidently decided that landlords are the very personification of evil, based on these types of non-articles from supposed charities, which use plenty of emotive language, but little in the way of actual facts or evidence to support their positions. Why not just line all landlords up against a wall, shoot them and have done with it? It worked for the North Vietnamese...

  • Mark Hulbert

    David, I'd be happier if you didn't make these suggestions!

    • 12 June 2020 13:40 PM

    Which David?


    @David Crisp, since the comment did not come from Mad Mark, I presume it was aimed at David Porter for suggesting we are lined up against the wall.

  •  G romit

    “skyrocketing rents”
    Even Generation Rent concede that rents have only risen in line with the general cost of living.

    “For someone just scraping by on a pension, that might mean missing meals or switching off the heating just to keep a roof over their head” it claims.
    So scrapping Sec.21 Notices helps how? oh yes making rents even higher. Hmmmm!!!

  • icon

    When 'Right to Buy' was introduced there were somewhere in the region of 6.5 million council houses. Today the figure stands at around two millions. If Age Concern want to join the rant they should be hopping up and down that the funds obtained by councils from this sell-off were scandalously not used to replace social housing stock.

    The problem of rising rents is due to market forces, and the route cause of this lies in an expanding population and lack of social housing. It is not the fault of private landlords. In some areas of the country the waiting list for a council house is said to be ten years. Where else are those who cannot afford to buy going to live in the meantime other than in the PRS sector?

    Successive governments have failed to address this problem. They should have seen it coming as the ONS keeps accurate statistics on birth and death rates, immigration and migration figures. The nature of governments thinking only in terms of five year cycles instead of longer term is to blame.


    It will only get worse when landlords like myself, leave the industry. I am sick and tred of being the punchbag for tenants, MPs, the Council, Shelter, Citizens (poor) Advice and now AgeUK.

    The charities are AWASH wth money and should buy a few homes and become landlords. themselves. At least then they would be actually helping the homeless instead of preaching about it. They are, as the phrase goes, all talk and no action.

    I remembere the pre-1966 HA days. My grandmother was a tenant and had buddleia roots coming through her kitchen roof every year. Black mould grew in the toilet through the stone walls because there was no ventilation. The landlord did nothing because he did not have to. My father and in later years I helped, cleared the roots and washed away the mould and repainted. Those days will return.


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