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Private landlords and Airbnb hosts implored to take in homeless

A local authority is imploring private landlords and providers of short-term lets, including Airbnb hosts, to lease their properties and thus allow homeless people to become tenants.

A representative of the Highland council in Scotland says: “The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all aspects of our daily lives and we have seen increased pressure on our homelessness service, including demand from the loss of tied accommodation in the hotel industry. The current situation is making it extremely difficult for us to provide suitable accommodation for people who are homeless at this difficult time. 

“We know that private landlords and providers of short-term lets across the Highlands are being hit hard by Coronavirus in terms of reduced bookings. We are encouraging anyone in such a position to consider temporarily leasing their property to the Council. 


“Not only will this ensure that the property owner is able to maintain a regular cash-flow alongside the guaranteed management of the property for a negotiated period, but they will also be helping their community and be supporting our response to this crisis.” 

The authority says it’s looking for self-contained properties, without shared facilities, and subject to set minimum standards. 

“Any households placed in accommodation will continue to be provided with ongoing support by the council” it says, including the return of the property in the same condition as it was first leased.

  • jeremy clarke

    So, local authorities that spend their time hounding private landlords and that waste millions on vanity schemes now want the same landlords to help them out?! This at a time when we all know that it's impossible to evict tenants. I hope that every landlord tells every local authority to stick their requests where the sun doesn't shine!

  • icon
    • 24 June 2020 09:30 AM

    Ha ha Councils are simply u unbelievable.
    I'd rather have my nails pulled than have anything to with a Council.

    They despise LL and we despise them!!

    The alleged homeless should be housed in old army camps.
    Good enough for soldiers certainly good enough for the likes of the homeless.

    Councils have a nerve to ask of LL now..
    Do they really believe LL will have ANYTHING to do with them after the way LL have been treated by Councils over the years!?

    Councils simply have no shame.
    I currently have a very nice vacant 2 bed flat.

    No way will I have ANYTHING to do with in my case
    East Herts District Council

    I'd rather keep it empty than have the evil council have anything to with it.
    This ridiculous Council requires a valid Tenancy Agreement BEFORE they will consider a HB claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah like I'm gonna give some homeless scroat a TA before I know it is affordable for the claimant!
    Councils are simply bonkers.


    Paul, they are not the only council trying this. Two of the local councils I deal with are looking to house their homless with private landlords. One even has two logos on their emails:
    Black lives matter and Report a Rogue Landlord.

    They still think landlords will take them up on their offer after all their attacks on private landlords. My advice to any landlord thinking of taking up this offer is simple. He who sups with the Devil should have a long spoon.


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