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New tool allows agents to create pet-friendly contracts at speed

A PropTech platform claims to allow agents to generate a fully-compliant tenancy agreement with a standardised pet-friendly clause which includes a fixed, transparent monthly charge to help cover the costs of keeping a pet in the home.

While some 44 per cent of people in the UK own a pet, only seven per cent of rental properties are advertised as pet-friendly because of concern about maintenance costs or insurance implications. 

However, a growing number of Build To Rent landlords including Grainger plc, Moda Living and Rise, allow pets to be kept by tenants. 


The creator of the PlanetRent platform, Mary-Anne Bowring, says: “While pets are typically associated with higher maintenance costs, landlords risk fishing from an ever-smaller pond by refusing to accommodate renters with pets, especially as the big institutional and corporate landlords entering Britain’s rental market are typically pet-friendly in their developments.”

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    • 19 June 2020 08:09 AM

    No animals whatsoever, no picture holes in the wall, no redecoration, no unapproved alterations whatsoever.

    If so, as a tenant you pay.
    A landlord is being very silly to allow cats, and dogs. They destroy so much.
    For an additional price , I would allow a goldfish.


    Bit of an archaic point of view.

    I am sure your tenants feel at home.

    You missing a fundamental point which is to provide a home. Not 4 walls that they live around instead of in.

    I redecorate all properties on a regular basis so what’s the problem if they paint or have some wallpaper. As long as it is not ridiculous colors which would cost a fortune to cover.

    Homes not houses, your attitude is why landlords get a bad name.

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    Well James your philanthropic attitude is very reassuring however for many landlords who have had their properties repainted by tenants, the end result is usually one coat of thin and patchy paint poorly applied and looks a mess, I agree picture hooks should be allowed but once up they should stay up, otherwise, you end up with lumpy touched in patches. A rental property is rarely going to be someones home long term and most tenants treat them accordingly and then complain of poor treatment when asked to repair the damage.

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    Tenants with pets do tend to stay longer simply because few landlords will accept them. Personally I’d prefer well behaved pets to children! Much quieter and cause less damage.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Trouble is some Tenants, their children AND their Pets are Equally Badly behaved. !
    Some people aren't fit to have pets ( or Children ! - I would point to the 000's of children the Tax-payer has to fund Care and accommodation for after their been taken away from parents by court order. ) and Landlords pay more Tax than most, with Sec 24 !


    Thankfully they are in the minority. I have never had to stop a viewing because of the behavious of a dog, but I have because of the children.


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