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Licensing scheme scaled back after government rejects original

The council in Liverpool is likely to propose a scaled-back private rental licensing scheme after its original suggestion was rejected by the government.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the original rejected plan was for private rental units anywhere in the entire city to be regarded as suitable for licensing; the new one will be smaller, although with 80 per cent of private rented properties still in place.

Mayor Joe Anderson says: “I have … been very clear that it is unthinkable for us not to have a landlord licensing scheme in Liverpool. All the evidence over the last five years shows that it has made a tremendous difference to the lives of our most vulnerable residents. It has forced rogue landlords to take action to improve electrical and fire safety standards, as well as dealing with issues such as damp and anti-social behaviour.”


He says the new smaller scheme would still be one of the largest in the UK.

Around 45,000 of the 55,000 homes covered in the original scheme would still be covered.

Two other options, which both cover smaller areas, are also being considered.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    How does paying money for Permission to rent, - increase standards.

    Liverpool need to release figures of How many homes, and what Percentage that number represents of Licensed properties, - that were found to have defects.

    We would find that majority of compliant landlords are paying for a Bureaucratic money generation Ponzi scam.

  • Ingrid Mott

    Yes, the licence also renders Landlords responsible for their tenants' anti social behaviour and we can't even evict them when needed. The licence conditions dictate Instead that we get a hefty fine! Because we bought a licence. The joke is on us every time.

  • icon

    I am thinking to rent out furniture etc and give free guest accommodation into the bargain. Remember Darley Dale Furnshings and the pound of carrots with free furniture when Sunday trading law prohibited opening


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