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Anti-agent group to protest in 10 or more cities this weekend

The anti-letting agent group ACORN is to stage protests in 10 to 15 UK cities this weekend according to an activists’ body, the Radical Housing Network.

It puts the ACORN protests at the top of a list of action in the coming days to protest against the lifting of the evictions ban after five months.

Protests by other activists’ groups include ones outside the Royal Courts of Justice on London’s Strand on both Sunday and Monday, and then protests by the London Renters Union at “various locations around London” on the first day without the ban - Monday August 24.


The Bristol-based ACORN group describes itself as “a community-based union of working class people” and does not give locations or details of the protests on its own website. However, it says it has collaborated with Generation Rent, the London Renters Union and the New Economic Foundation over anti-eviction policies.

In March this year ACORN was accused of intimidation of female staff during a protest outside and inside an agency branch in Lancaster in Lancashire.

Local media there reported on a protest outside the Mighty Student Letting Agency, alleging unfair charges being levied: according to the agency, the protest turned nastier when activists entered the branch, although ACORN strongly denies any wrongdoing.

As far back as 2015 Letting Agent Today reported on ACORN activists in Bristol protesting outside and inside offices; other protests by the same group have been in held in Nottingham and earlier this year in Manchester.

  • James B

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    • 20 August 2020 07:56 AM

    *ankers and idiots.

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    • 20 August 2020 07:57 AM

    Simply - How would they like their property being illegally taken from them with no recourse to get it back?

  • jeremy clarke

    If they are so bl***y keen on protecting the feckless tenants out there, let them and their parents take them in! Anyway, shouldn't they be protesting about the 11 plus results or something? How do they keep up with scrawling all those placards?

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    I seem to recall this is the bunch that paraded outside an agent's office but they were at to the wrong one! says it all really.

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    Union of working class people? Do ANY of them work?


    These people def do not represent the working class

  • girish mehta

    Time to keep the property empty. Let these people live on street or move back with parents. Pointless letting your property if they are not going to pay rent. And thrash the place. Take lodgers to cover mortgage. Or reinvest overseas
    Let this idiots and government and all politicians who support them creat havoc. In the end they will realise nothing is for free. You have to pay one way or other. These guys think landlords do not have any expenses . And spend tent money on luxury living.yet non of them can afford to work hard and make sacrifices to better themselves


    What! You will have to pay the rates and maybe block management charges yourself!

    Do the maths. You might be better letting at a low rent to a very good tenant but I don't want to encourage that idea too much.

  • Roger  Mellie

    What exactly are they protesting about? I bet they don't even know.


    Probably the same rent-a-mob that follow Generation Rent, Extinction Rebellion, Bacon Lettuce Mayonnaise etc.
    Q: "Do you want to go on a protest?"
    Reply: "What's is about?"
    A: "Does it matter?"
    Reply: "No. When and where?"

  • David Bennett

    They are going to get wet!


    They are going to get wetter! - There, fixed it for you. LOL

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    • 20 August 2020 17:45 PM

    I find it bizarre that large sections of society seriously expect LL to provide free or below market price accommodation for their use.

    Why would anyone choose to do that unless they were choosing to be philanthropic which of course would be commendable?

    Most LL are only in the game for the money.

    Surely these idiots are aware that is mostly why LL bother being LL...................for the hoped for profit and CG.


    They are the WOKE generation. They deserve everything and want to overturn history, laws etc. It started when schools stopped the pass and fail system, referring to fail as "deferred success". I am of an older generation and glad I will not be around to see what the country will be like when this woke mob are in charge.

    S l
    • S l
    • 21 August 2020 08:29 AM

    You will be surprise how many people are willing to go that far and further in order to live for free. Already they skive off paying the utility bills bringing the costs higher and higher for the rest of us. We are talking about thousands of pounds per renters. Thats billions in losses to landlords around the country

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    Most of these people probably can't do compound interest and yield maths. Surely landlords can ask their parents for cash!


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