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Eviction U-turn: ban stays for another four weeks

The government has made a last minute U-turn on the eviction ban - extending it for four weeks until September 20.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says: “I know this year has been challenging and all of us are still living with the effects of COVID-19. That is why today I am announcing a further four week ban on evictions, meaning no renters will have been evicted for six months.

“I am also increasing protections for renters – six month notice periods must be given to tenants, supporting renters over winter.


“However, it is right that the most egregious cases, for example those involving anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse perpetrators, begin to be heard in court again; and so when courts reopen, landlords will once again be able to progress these priority cases.”

The ban was originally to have lapsed on Sunday, with some repossession cases scheduled for newly-approved Nightingale courts from Monday.

  • Mark Wilson

    Can anyone really be surprised? Disappointed maybe, but surprised no.

  • Sarah Doble

    another ring around clients then this afternoon. Very disappointing, particularly when a lot of clients have already waited 7 or 8 months and their tenants are not being asked to leave through covid!


    I feel your pain Sarah :-(

  • jeremy clarke

    Complete farce, doesn't currently affect me but selling up 1 property and the other will soon follow suit. Always voted Conservative but this bowing to pressure groups seriously tests mine and many others' views moving forward.


    I too am selling one. I was considering investing in another that I currently co-own, but not now.

    If Boris ever wants my vote he can crawl over broken glass first. THEN I will say NO WAY!

  • Matthew Payne

    Not all surprised and in fact very predicatable as we have been discussing on Landlord Today earlier. This decision and others coming up are only being made by HMG in their constant game of policital chess with Labour, the other home nations and the lobbyists, with one eye on the polls. Boris had absoletely no choice but to extend after Scotland and Wales has already done so. Political harikiri not to follow suit. Whilst disappointing for many landlords, and a relief for many tenants, neither featured much in the decision making process.

  • icon

    Tenants need to be reminded, that withholding rent is still a breach of their terms and conditions, For those who have no intention of settling their arrears, It should be made legal to name and shame them on through a national database!

  • icon

    My sympathy for colleagues stuck with non payers. Buck passing problems to the private sector is not acceptable. Having been through the process in normal times is long winded and stressful enough. Compound unjustified delays to it leaving honest people seriously out of pocket with little redress demonstrates how one sided and difficult the sector continues to be.

  • Patrick  Rodgers

    It's just not worth it anymore I might as well sell up and let them become the problem for the council to house them

  • James B

    Landlords need to press on with debt recovery and get CCJs asap


    How about Moneyclaim online every month that they are in arrears. That woul B*GGER up the courts system too and be a great response to Jenrick.

  • Matthew Payne

    The increased 6 months notice required almost, but not quite yet, slams the door shut on landlords benefitting from buyers who want to benefit from the SDLT holiday. So effectively they cant get rid of their tenants and if they decided to sell, their property is now far less attractive to a buyer unless they get it sold now and a buyer making good enough progress to serve notice by the end of September, but only if the RDD allows. RDDs at the start of the month mean that window is already pretty much closed for many.

  • Tracie Scott

    I am absolutely gutted by this, i have one property that i brought for me and my son, from my inheritance, due to losing my parents. I didn't move in, but my son did. During lockdown a friend of his moved in as he was already being made homeless from elsewhere, i didnt know for 3 weeks he had moved in, but i didn't feel that with what was going on, and i did know him,that i could tell him to leave, as my heart ruled my head, he said he was looking for work and needed a tenacy agreement as proof of address. So like an idiot i obliged as soon as i could. He is claiming universal credit and housing benefit which was paying his rent, since issuing the S21 as i want the room back due to disgusting behaviour towards my flat, towards my son and towards me. He has stopped paying rent, i don't have another sourse of income, as i suffer with depression and this really is not helping. If i can not get my tenant out, when he's due to be out, i will be skint.
    And won't be able to afford the property. I did a good deed, and helped someone in need, and they have thrown it back in my face big time. I do not work for the council so don't feel i have to do their job for them, by housing a very disagreeable person. I hadnt even had time to see if i wanted to be a landlord by looking into it properly, I'd only had the property 4 weeks myself. But after this and finding that we have absolutely no rights to our own property never again. Sorry for my rambling, but just need to vent...


    Did you credit check this waster? Thought not as he was known to you! Saying he needed an agreement to hunt for a job seems a bit thin to me. Why was he being made homeless elsewhere is the first question to be asked. No job - no tenancy, simple. I hope you get him out so that you can take control over the flat. Get an agreement with ANYONE living in your property be it an AST or a lodger agreement, family included. Watch some of those 'Cant pay we'll take it away' and families can be dreadful sometimes so cover what you sit on.
    Next time try using an agent to do all this for you and you should not fall into this trap. Also talk to someone like the poster E M below in the meantime as he is guilty of anti social behaviour by the look of things, something outside this ban so don't despair just yet. Good advice does not cost - good advice pays.


    See my separate comment below.

  • icon

    Do I read right. The property was your sons principle home before the lodger moved in right? That gives him a licence yes? The tenancy does not give him an AST because the tenancy is by performance and not what is in writing, that would be case law. If your son has continued this as his principle home it has not reverted to an AST. He has no protection from eviction if I read your story right and you can give him short notice and change the locks but you must first talk to an expert like me at the process experts or someone else before you take action to confirm the detail of the story. A licence does not come under the coroner virus restrictions because the law agrees that a person does not have to put up with a scum bag in your own home.


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