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Government thinks Brexit more important than tenants, says Labour

Labour’s housing spokeswoman has accused the government of wasting the last four weeks before the eviction ban ended by putting its enthusiasm for Brexit above the interests of private renters.

Thangam Debbonaire, the shadow housing minister, issued a statement over the weekend making a last ditch call for a further extension of the eviction ban, which finally came to an end yesterday evening.

The ban was introduced originally for three months and then, in June, extended until the end of August - at that time there was a last-minute additional extension of four weeks.


After the ban was most recently extended last month, Debbonaire wrote to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick calling on him to use the intervening period to bring forward unspecified legislation to - in Labour’s words - “protect renters.”

Debbonaire repeated over the weekend her claim that the end of the ban would mean “a homelessness crisis this winter.”

Her statement said that while the government “failed to bring forward legislation to stop automatic evictions, as Labour called for, and instead introduced the controversial Internal Markets Bill.”

Debbonaire herself comments: “Coronavirus cases are rising, vast swathes of the country are set to be under local lockdown, and the Covid jobs crisis is set to get worse. This is no time for the government to re-start evictions.

“The government is walking right into a homelessness crisis this winter. They’ve wasted the short time they bought themselves by extending the ban in August, prioritising reopening old wounds on Brexit above protecting renters.

“ … The government needs to come forward with a credible plan to keep their promise that no renter will lose their home because of Coronavirus.”

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    Not a word from her about landlords who simply want their property back for whatever reason.
    Not a word from her about tenants who are simply not paying rent.
    Not a word from her about ASB tenants etc.

    Just the usual Labour claptrap all tenants good, all landlords bad. She needs to be told that Animal Farm was a story, not an instruction manual for her party.

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    • 21 September 2020 11:54 AM

    Funny you should mention Animal Farm.
    Found a copy after a tenant vacated.
    It is or should be compulsory reading for every LL.
    It is very instructional on what those jealous of LL assets will seek to do.
    The ultimate expression of such whilst not in the book is LL up against a wall and end of being part of the PRS!!
    Like any other idiot Socialist she espouses appropriation of private assets and income to spend on the feckless.
    What happens when she runs out of OPM!?


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