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London council licensing scheme lapses after five years

A private rental licensing consultancy has spotted that an additional licensing scheme run by a London borough council has now lapsed after five years.

London Property Licensing says Islington council had an additional licensing scheme applying to all Houses in Multiple Occupation in two specific locations which came into force on September 1 2015. 

“These licensing schemes cannot last for more than five years and so the scheme ended on August 31 2020” says the website.


However, the site warns that the absence of an additional scheme is likely to be short-lived. 

Last autumn the council consulted on proposals to implement new additional and selective licensing schemes and this spring the authority’s executive committee approved plans for a borough wide additional licensing scheme that will apply to all house and flat shares occupied by three or more people who are not all related.

“The council expect to approve 3,500 additional licences generating about £3m fee income that will be reinvested in running the scheme” notes London Property Licensing. 

Delays in implementation of some aspects of the schemes is likely to have been down to the Coronavirus crisis.

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    • 07 September 2020 11:52 AM

    When they are not blood related does that mean a couple in an alleged relationship are counted as 2 unrelated people?

    If so the couple in a relationship and 1 other unrelated occupier would need an Additional Licence.

    This means that if there are currently 2 unrelated occupiers and then one of them has a relationship with a new occupier who the LL allows would then need to apply for an Additional Licence OR refuse to allow another occupier.
    This Additional Licensing requirement would prevent relationships being formed which many LL would permit but won't if they have to pay for a licence.
    They might if a new occupier pays a third more in rent.
    Can't see that happening.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Couldn't run a ' you know what ' in a Brewery.

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    • 07 September 2020 12:50 PM

    So not much point in bothering with investing in 3 bed properties.
    Meaning only 2 bed properties with only 2 occupiers to pay the rent.
    That increases rent costs for tenants.
    The 2 sharers won't be allowed a 3rd occupier by a LL who won't wish to pay for an Additional Licence.
    Or would LL agree to a 3rd occupier providing rent was increased to cover all licence costs and for the rent increase?


    Heaven forbid that a wicked landlord should increase the rent to cover additional costs.

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    The sums look like it's £1,000 a pop. Bit excessive methinks! 2 bedrooms only then no fee payable.

    • 08 September 2020 01:18 AM

    But you couldn't have two couples in a relationship.

    That just seems counter intuitive!

    This prevents maximisation of two bedrooms in an already very expensive area.
    How does paying for an Additional licence magically achieve anything?


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