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Pets in Rental Properties: Date set for MPs to debate issue

January 29th is the date set for MPs to hold the Second Reading of a Private Members’ Bill aimed at the abolition of no-pet clauses in private rental contracts.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell’s Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill has already passed its first reading, and builds on a commitment already made by the government to give “responsible and caring” tenants the right to live with a pet.

“For most people, being separated from their dog is no different from being separated from their brother or sister” says Rosindell, who represents Romford in the Commons.


“Sadly, pet owners who move into rented accommodation face the reality that their family could be torn apart, because most landlords in Britain have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership” he continues.

“The no-pet clause means that someone cannot have a dog over for even a short period for fear of recriminations or even losing their home. Such discrimination must now end.”

The criteria put forward by Rosindell to verify the appropriateness of the tenant to keep a put include obtaining a certificate from a vet before moving in, confirming that they have a healthy, well-behaved animal and are considered to be a responsible owner.

Dogs would have to be vaccinated and microchipped and be responsive to basic training commands.

The Bill is backed by 11 other MPs including former Cabinet member Andrea Leadsom and ex-Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

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    ‘Dogs would have to be responsive to basic training commands’. Ha! Letting Agents will now have to interview the pet as well as the tenants! I’ve met tenants who could not respond to basic commands. Don’t you just love Planet Westminster?


    On the rare occasions that landlords have considered dogs, I have always insisted the dog accompany the tenants on the viewings. You can soon see how well-behaved they are.

    I have never stopped a viewing because of a badly behaved dog, but I have stopped a viewing because of uncontrolled children.

  • Raphael Phillips

    I am an animal lover and we keep cats however they do cause damage to carpets.
    Dogs destroy lawns if their owners allow them to go and relieve themselves.
    With a maximum of five week dilapidations deposit will they introduce an additional pet deposit?


    Sadly a lot of poor people and old who are the renters live
    (Just to say I also Ihave a cat who never scratches the carpet or pees because he is allow in and out as he pleases also my dog my works with me so no problem with destruction behaviour, a property should be fit for purpose if keeping a pet importantly) on there own and a pet would be a life line to them, as it is very lonely, this is something people don’t talk about as they are too involve in them selves to care about other people only that they get there rent money. Having said that quality rather than quantity and pet owners should obviously be responsible for any damages, and show that they can look after a pet properly, they could get a reference from dog trust ect. A pet is something people live for and have a purpose in there life other then people!!

  • Matthew Payne

    Tenants wont thank Andrew for his interference when the vetinarian industry from the off will start charging £1000 for these certificates to cover the cost of the insurance they are going to need to indemnify them against their sign off. It wont get as far as clauses in tenancy agreements anyway, they are only issued to tenants a landlord intends to rent a property to.

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    Will this cover flats? Houses with no gardens? Deposit limit raised? Yet another flawed piece is legislation.


    An interesting point since some of my properties are subject to a Head Lease banning any kind of pet, even fish.


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